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    With all the talk about LSPDFR 0.4, it's been a little while since we've provided a general update on our community.  Of course, LSPDFR 0.4 is our main priority at the moment and we'll have more to say about it shortly, but we thought it important to also address and announce a couple of things regarding our community.
    What our Community stands for
    Before anything else, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on who we are, as people that run this website, and as a community.
    LCPDFR was founded, back in 2009, simply because I thought it'd be a fun thing to do.  To play as the police in GTA IV.  It was an idea, ambitious for its time, and nothing more.  I worked on LCPDFR because it was fun, I published it because I thought others might also enjoy it.  LCPDFR has come a long way since then, it has evolved from one person's topic on a forum, to its own website, to its own forum, to its own community.  We've spanned two games, our reach has grown massively, our community is approaching 300,000 registered members.  The amount of work that goes into developing LSPDFR alone is staggering - the time that we've spent on it is measured not in days, weeks or months, but years.  Likewise, the effort required to keep our website online is vastly underestimated - in the past month we've served around 30 terabytes of download traffic alone, and have done all of this despite persistent, targeted denial of service and hacking attacks against us.  To put this in context, if you were to serve 30 terabytes of data through Amazon Web Services, it'd cost you $3,000 a month - and that's just one month of download traffic. 
    Why do we do this?  Because it's fun.  We love developing our community, we love developing our mod, and we love that other people - complete strangers, from all over the world, from countries you've probably never heard of, from all walks of life... we love that they love LSPDFR.  Our community has achieved incredible things: we've created an entire gaming phenomenon and we've developed things that nobody ever thought would be possible.  Our members have done more than simply play games or make mods: we've fought hand-in-hand against corporate giants (and won), we've transformed peoples' entire lives by sparking new careers and we've been covered everywhere from massive YouTube channels to mainstream media publications.  Heck, we've even triggered out of touch government ministers in Australia.
    That's not the whole story, though.  Sometimes we are the story.  Sometimes we make mistakes.  We've had catastrophes, like the time where we had a hyped countdown on the website only to reveal a private testing version of LCPDFR that nobody could access.   Our first ever livestream had to be rescued by Steve and Jeff after it started with Prophet driving a train around Los Santos and infamously stating "this is not the preview for LSPDFR 0.3" while our community manager could do nothing but watch helplessly after being accidentally disconnected.  We've messed up releases, we've announced things too quickly, and sometimes we've not announced things at all.   
    Yet, despite all of this.  Nine years later, we're still here.  We're still making mods, we're still developing this community, and we've stuck true to our principles the entire time:
    Our community is open to all. We treat members equally regardless of their status. Everything is completely free of charge, with no catches.  
    Why?  It's not about fame, it's not about money, it's not about status.  It's about love.  We love LCPDFR, we love LSPDFR, and we love our community.  We don't think that modding should be hidden in private Discord servers.  We don't think that modding should be something people pay for.  We don't think that modding should be an ego boost.
    We just think that modding should be fun.  It should be open, and it should be free.  That's what we stand for, and that's what we do.
    How you can get involved
    Last year, we opened up applications to join our Community Team for the first time.  This resulted in a couple of new faces joining our moderation team and upon reflection, we think it's a good change in approach from previously handpicking staff members ourselves.  We've decided to open these applications again, and would invite anyone who is interested in volunteering some of their free time to moderating our community to apply by following the link below.  Our volunteer Community Moderators are a vital part of everything that we do, and it wouldn't be possible to maintain the community without them.
    To find out more and to submit an application, please visit: http://lcpd.fr/staffapp
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    Bozza reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience   
    This is the fifth and final part of our LSPDFR 0.4 Preview Series.  Not caught up yet?  Check out the rest of this series here: https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/forum/880-news-updates/
    One of the things we like most about developing new versions of LSPDFR is that with each version we have the opportunity not only to work on major new features, but also the smaller details that our mods have come to be known for over the years.  Of course, 0.4 is no different in this regard and a lot has obviously changed since the early days of LSPDFR, offering us with a bunch of new ways to focus our attention to detail.
    More Realism
    Getting straight to the point, a significant change that we're making in 0.4 relates to how the player is perceived within the game's world.  Now, while this obviously isn't a sexy, new, video-worthy showstopper of a feature, it is nonetheless an important development behind-the-scenes - one that we think, despite its subtlety, will have a positive impact on your gameplay.
    In 0.4, you'll notice that while on duty, other characters within the world will treat and react to you differently.  As GTA V was never a game about being a cop, it's easily understandable that when you quite simplistically do become a cop - while keeping the underlying theme of the game - there's going to be things that don't feel quite right.  You might notice, for example, that other characters within the world are overly aggressive towards you, itching for a fight at the slightest confrontation, or sometimes in the absence of any confrontation at all.  Conversely, the opposite is often true where the most banal or routine encounter can send people hurrying away in abject panic.  Both of these reactions are problematic as people generally don't just spontaneously approach a cop and proceed to cuss them out, nor do they begin hysterically fleeing at the sight of a stun gun. 

    Stun gun hysteria and stampedes no longer, LSPDFR 0.4 introduces more 'contemporary' reactions, like everyone summoning their inner videographer.
    These adjustments to the game's core apply in a number of other cases too, of course.  We thought it was pretty unlikely that the typical reaction to a police officer standing in front of someone's car would be for the driver to flip them off, and then - as if that wasn't enough - to then run them over for good measure.  Likewise, it was always pretty ridiculous that you can't enter another police officer's car as a passenger without them freaking out and thinking that you're trying to steal it.  All of these behaviors have been adjusted, and we think that you'll feel far more like an actual cop within the world - rather than just a retired bank robber dressing up with a badge.
    And yes, while there are a number of mods out there that can help to mitigate many of the scenarios I've described above, they don't really offer a comprehensive and consistent solution simply due to technical restraints.  Our changes are at a much lower level and offer us a higher degree of control on a per-character basis.  This is great for flexibility and performance, and we think you'll really notice the difference when out and about on patrols.
    New Interaction Menu
    Sticking with the topic of small detail, increasing the level of interaction in LSPDFR is something that's very important to us - especially with the new focus on character in LSPDFR 0.4.  Indeed, we previously showed off a number of new interaction options that will be available during vehicle pursuits, but we've also taken the time to make big improvements to the more general Interaction Menu, offering you most of the features currently available in GTA Online, but with an LSPDFR twist.  Among the changes to the Interaction Menu are "quality of life" improvements like being able to quickly waypoint the nearest police station, as well as additions like new dialogue, actions and the ability to set your character's mood.
    Similarly, you can now also change the way that your character walks, but it doesn't quite stop there as in keeping with the general idea we outlined above of making the game feel more suited towards being a cop, there's a special "Cop" walk style that not only makes your character walk around like an officer, but also completely replaces their generic "idle" animations - subtle movements that your character makes while stationary - with more appropriate police styled ones.

    The more feature-complete Interaction Menu in LSPDFR 0.4 enhances your control, allowing for greater immersion.
    Additionally, we've carried over this level of detail to the Police Radio options too, replacing the static animation that currently plays in this menu with a number of different options that can be cycled between instead, including a nifty new LAPD style handheld radio (as well as the option to play no animation at all).  Again, this is a small detail, but we hope that the enhanced level of immersion will be welcomed - especially if playing as an FIB Agent and communicating via an earpiece instead of a shoulder mic, for example.

    New technology in LSPDFR 0.4 produces incredibly lifelike scenes - you can freely move while using the police radio without any animation issues like arms being locked in place, etc.
    Finally, still on the topic of detail, we've topped things off by adding a proper police flashlight to LSPDFR 0.4.  Yes, we know that there's a bunch of ways to use a flashlight currently whether it be the vanilla one that looks like it's straight out of a horror movie, or through other mods which suffer from animation problems, but ours is a little different.
    Already alluded to in the first preview we gave of LSPDFR 0.4, our flashlight is properly held above the head and can be used both by the player and other NPC officers.  It doesn't affect player movement, and you can freely walk, run, sprint, etc. while still holding the light.  If enabled, equipping it is a seamless process too - simply select the flashlight from the weapon wheel and LSPDFR will take care of the rest.

    The new flashlight in LSPDFR 0.4 tops off our efforts to bring more immersion and realism to the mod.
    Ambient Crime
    In our previous post detailing some of the technology behind LSPDFR 0.4, we mentioned that we had added Scenarios to 0.4 - scripted events that could take place during pursuits and traffic stops.  Similarly, we also noted that 0.4 introduces a new Crime System, capable of actually recognizing crimes that take place in the game world and providing functionality for the player to get involved by reporting these.   Expanding upon this idea, we wanted to make sure that we fully realised the ambient world that Grand Theft Auto V provides, and to do this we've manipulated a couple of lesser-used features within the original game.
    In the normal game, the player will sometimes be confronted by other characters within the world as a result of the agitation system built into the game which allows NPCs to insult or shove the player, for example.  In LSPDFR 0.4, as a result of some research by @LMS,  we've now been able to implement the same system, but for NPCs instead.  This means that NPCs can become agitated with each other, begin trading insults, get into angry shouting matches, or eventually, physical confrontations.  Plus, as these are actually 'legitimate' game events, other characters nearby will react appropriately, which also ties in really nicely with the Crime System and provides the player with something other to do than respond to dispatches or pull over vehicles - there's now hopefully much more actually happening within the world and consequently, more things for the player to notice while on patrol.

    Manipulating the game's agitation system results in a much richer world - seen here are two NPCs engaging in a spontaneous confrontation.
    Note that screenshots show LSPDFR player and non-player-characters wearing some outfits from EUP - which is entirely optional - special thanks to @Alex_Ashfold for his collaboration with us and for providing a development copy of EUP 8.0.
    Thanks for reading the preview.  We appreciate your patience as we put the finishing touches on LSPDFR 0.4 and hope to have more news soon.
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    Cyan is aware of this, but no ETA on a fix.
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    Bozza reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - The Technology   
    This is the third part of our LSPDFR 0.4 Preview Series.  Not caught up yet?  Check out the initial announcement here: https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/81745-lspdfr-04-announcement-first-preview
    So, this article is a little bit different than most.  Recently, a number of people have expressed an interest in hearing some more details about the technology behind LSPDFR 0.4, including some of the developments that we've made with respect to artificial intelligence in the mod and also perhaps some more information about the ways in which LSPDFR 0.4 can be customized through code.  While exact details like this are a little difficult to provide as plans can, and often do, change - we've gathered together a number of new systems and features to present here which we think both developers and players alike will be looking forward to.
    The Crime System
    To start with, one of the new systems that we've introduced in LSPDFR 0.4 is the not-very-originally-named Crime System.  The Crime System was originally developed as an expansion of what we had previously done in LCPDFR 1.0 where players could press ALT + E to 'call in' things that had happened, with the key example being a suspect taking off from a traffic stop - units wouldn't respond until it had been called in.
    This is back in LSPDFR 0.4, but with a big twist.  The Crime System recognises a number of different events which could take place in-game (called Crime Events), such as a person firing a weapon, a car being stolen or somebody being run over.  Each time one of these things (and a couple of others) happens in-game, it's picked up by LSPDFR so that our systems can react to it.  This gives us similar functionality to LCPDFR 1.0, where if you're attacked by a criminal then you're able to report this and the criminal will be targeted properly by other units, but it also opens up some new possibilities that we've added for LSPDFR, including the ability for nearby civilians to actually call 911 if they witness a crime.

    The Crime System allows for far greater interaction with GTA V's rich environment, providing a more dynamic experience during patrols.
    The cool thing about this is that since GTA V is a very rich game in terms of the ambient environment, it's actually quite possible that crimes like this can take place in the game and we think it makes things a whole lot more immersive when you can actually react to them with the full support of LSPDFR behind you, rather than having to engage in a mad dash after someone in the vain hope that you'll catch up before they turn a corner and disappear! 
    Plus, the Crime System will be available in the API for LSPDFR 0.4, easily allowing developers to add new Crime Events by specifying the crime, victim and suspect.  This could be useful, for example, in a drunk driver callout where the player searches for the offending vehicle.  Once they've found it, they'll be able to report this to dispatch and trigger a pursuit, without the need for any additional code - a lot more convenient than having to handle this manually.
    Sticking with the topic of improvements to a lot of the technology that powers LSPDFR, we've added all new functionality throughout the mod for custom Scenarios.  In general, we like to think of Scenarios as short ambient sequences which can just spontaneously happen within the world.  In addition to this, though, we also support Scenarios across a couple of our other systems, like both pursuits and traffic stops.  This opens up a bunch of new opportunities for gameplay as just like in real life, there's now so much more that could happen during a traffic stop.  Perhaps they exit their vehicle while you're approaching?  Do they have a weapon, or are they just angry and complaining?

    From 'routine' traffic stops gone totally wrong to suspects ditching their cars and bailing, Scenarios add all new depth to LSPDFR.
    The best bit about Scenarios, though, is that we've also added them to the LSPDFR 0.4 API, and while we've come up with a few of our own, we know that there's many developers who will knock it out of the park in their attempts to find new and interesting ways of enhancing the experience with Scenarios.   Be it by creating new situations that can happen during traffic stops, devising new ways that pursuit suspects will attempt to elude officers, or even by taking advantage of some of the other additions to 0.4, like the Crime System for example, to add a bunch of new ambient crimes throughout the game, we think that the new Scenario system will add much more depth and variety to LSPDFR.

    The scene after an escaped pursuit suspect's burned out vehicle was located.
    Artificial Intelligence
    Finally, in 0.4, we've re-worked a lot of our artificial intelligence.  We'll be sharing more details about these improvements, particularly as it relates to the overhauled pursuit system, in the near future but for now here's a taste of things to come, with some technical explanation, from our very own @LMS
    Stay tuned for more news about 0.4, coming soon.
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    ELS-IV only supports vehicles with these model names. (From ELS-IV v8.51 Documentation)

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    Bozza reacted to PhillBellic in Memory Lane - December 12, 2014   
    What ever happened to the 'Status Update' thing? I miss those. Kinda like creating a Topic, but not...

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    Bozza reacted to Original Light in Memory Lane - December 12, 2014   
    I really miss the old site.
    @Kallus Rourke how dare you insult GTA IV! 
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    Bozza reacted to Cyan in Memory Lane - December 12, 2014   
    Yeah sorry, we took them away initially because there was a lot of drama and we didn't really have any moderation tools to deal with Status Updates.
    That situation has changed a bit so they will probably return soon.
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    Bozza reacted to Fiskey111 in Memory Lane - December 12, 2014   
    Let’s hop in our DeLorean, put the pedal to the floor, hit 88 mph, and get ready to travel back to December 12th, 2014!  Join us as we take a look at what was new here on LCPDFR.com during Constitution Day in Russia!


    Phew, we made it!  Let’s get out and see what we can find…

    Ah yes, 2014.  The days of LCPDFR 1.0 and the old website style.  Looking at this brings back memories, and if I’m honest, even more love for the new site.  For those of you that have never seen this layout before, welcome to the old days!

    Vehicle Textures
    If you happened to log into LCPDFR.com on December 12, 2014 and searched for the latest vehicle texture, a brand new pack by @Illusionyary would be the first item in the list!  This pack features textures for multiple popular vehicles, unique license plates, scratch-made decals, and even stealth liveries!

    Checking the gallery section, you would be greeted by an image from @GCPD that describes a scenario that occurred on Iowa St.  The officers responded “for a vehicle involved in a drive by shooting” where two suspects were taken into custody with no reported injuries.  A good day in LC!

    Work in Progress Scripts/Audio/Misc
    Looking at the work in progress section, we can see a new siren pack being worked on by the legend: @Double Doppler.  This pack includes new Federal Signal SS2000 with true authenticity.  Included in the siren is a new manual tone that makes it all the more realistic!

    Looking at the leaderboard we can see the winner of the day was none other than our fearless leader, @Sam!  Following up close behind are Illusionyary and @ItsTim.

    The top liked content on this day includes our Work in Progress rumbler siren, a sneak peak image of a new Taurus NYPD interceptor that would soon be released, and another gallery image of the Las Vegas Metro PD on scene at an incident.

    I hope you enjoyed our time-travelling adventure, Marty.  This day was a busy day here on LCPDFR.com!

    Stay tuned for our next article coming soon!

    Links to this Content
    Site image: https://web.archive.org/web/20141226182426/https://www.lcpdfr.com/ 
    Texture:  https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/6741-ppd-lcpd-texture-pack/
    Gallery 1: https://www.lcpdfr.com/gallery/image/43124-a-vehicle-involved-in-a-drive-by-shooting/?browse=1
    WIP: https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/42543-nypd-2014-ss2000-rumber-sirens-released/
    Leaderboard: https://www.lcpdfr.com/leaderboard/?custom_date_start=1418385599&custom_date_end=1418385599
    Icon Background: https://pixabay.com/en/tv-television-vintage-oldschool-2619649/
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    Bozza reacted to LMS in API Reference   
    Hey guys,
    please find a reference for all API functions below. It's available as both, help file and browsable html site.
    The general API documentation can be found here: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
    Online reference: http://lms-dev.com/lcpdfr-doc/ (In case it's down, thanks to ejerald for hosting one as well: http://haxx.me/lcpdfr/)
    Also check out my GitHub page which contains the latest API Example: https://github.com/LMSDev/LCPDFR-API
    Happy coding!
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    Bozza reacted to Janis28 in LCPDFR Home Invasion   
    Recently I found great old script mod which allow you to open all house doors in Liberty City, and find out that this is great idea for police job and play along with LCPDFR. You can go to more than 200 rooms with your partner, question suspects in house, arrest them, shoot them if they attack (which they do a lot) and so on.. I was just tired that most of all police missions happens middle of the street.
    Script works fine with patch, try out and have fun :)
    Thanks to HippieCommunist for this Home Invasion Mod (ver0.88) :)))
    p.s sorry for bad pic quality, I play with low settings

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    Bozza reacted to Lundy in 10 Year old Takes Cops on Chase.. News Blames GTA SA Police Mods.   
    I'm gonna drive my car around, shoot people around the city, and quote various lines from LCPD cops. Then I can get LCPDFR shut down for inciting police impersonation.
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    RDE 3.1
    Perhaps we should preface this with an apology for our inactivity, and general quietness, with our last DEV update dating back to January; however we’ve been hard at work, and have plenty to show for it, with 3.1 being much larger than we expected.
    New Peds and Vehicles
    As with 3.0, we have continued to expand our fleets, with new peds and vehicles on the table for 3.1, alongside overhauls. New to the table is a couple of peds and vehicles, with the LSPD, LSSD and the BCSO receiving unmarked units, the SAPR and SAHP receiving the Landstalker, the BCSO receiving the Gresley, and the LSSD, BCSO, and NOoSE receiving the Rumpo. For new peds, the LSPD will be receiving a bicycle officer, and a middle aged officer to diversify the city; later there are plans to implement peds such as motorcycle cops, fat cops, female SWAT, FIB enhancements and much more. Thanks to the work of Custo, Yard has overhauled a large portion of our current peds with new equipment, new heads, and many more goodies, thanks to some breakthroughs in ped ymt files. New female heads, more face textures for the male LSPD cop, kevlar vests for females, tasers and nightsticks (which work with CopHolster!), as well as smaller details, such as new name tags and watches (sadly no double watches at this time). As for vehicles, all the major agencies have received another interior makeover, and have received an interior console, which first debuted here, for that extra bit of detail for those that keep the vanilla RDE vehicles.
    Livery Changer and Script Fixes 
    We have of course continued to develop the script portion of our mod as well. Since RDE 3.0.1, we have made great progress, fixing multiple bugs and refining our systems. Highlights include polished and more responsive Arrest Warrant & Better Chases non-lethal functionality, much better search AI for SSR spawned units (the AI is now exactly the same as in vanilla game), tweaked armed vehicle AI, performance improvements and additional configurability. The PopCycleMonitor functionality has also been implemented, allowing for more than one ped to occupy ambiently spawned vehicles (allowing cop cars to spawn with two peds again, like GTA IV, for example). Aside from that, the LiveryChanger script (from the Emergency! addon), has been expanded to support peds as well, allowing for both zone based and vehicle livery based component and prop texture changing - this allows for LSFD ambulances to be crewed by LSFD paramedics, and BCFD ambulances by BCFD paramedics, for example.
    New Install Method
    At first the DLC method we had in place seemed to be the best install method around. After multiple DLC releases from R* this however did not prove to be the case. Currently there is a hardcoded amount of allowed DLC’s that can be added to dlclist.xml. As of this writing that number stands at a total of 48. Once this amount is exceeded your game will crash on startup. To work around this we spent countless hours experimenting with new ways of injecting our content without pushing ourselves over the hardcoded cap. After extensive research we discovered a way of injecting all our .rpf’s directly through update.rpf. So not only will the new install method be painless, it’s actually more compact and better organized than ever before! We feel that with 3.1 going forward our new install method should prove to be future proof. Tuple this with our installer.exe as well as our handcrafted gameconfig.xml and you’re ready to add RDE on top of other countless mods.
    Forthcoming Attractions:
    Since the release of ELS back in December, many have asked for an ELS adaptation of the RDE vehicles, and fortunately for those that asked, an ELS RDE pack is currently in the works. The initial pack will include the LSPD, LSSD, and BCSO, with more agencies potentially being added down the line. A complete overhaul of the vanilla lightbars is planned for 4.0 for non-ELS users. A release date cannot be given at this time, but once available will be available exclusively on LCPDFR as a standalone release.
    RDE Retro
    Spearheaded by @11john11, RDE Retro will be a complete overhaul of RDE, and the world of GTA V, taking San Andreas back to 1992, the first time we visited SA. From age appropriate lighting, classic police cars, and even service vehicles, 11john11 plans to create an authentic 90’s setting for the game. Again, while no release date can be given at this time; once complete it will be available as an official standalone pack, and part of the RDE installer.
    RDE Liberty
    While it’s been awhile since it was first announced and been in the limelight, RDE Liberty will launch when OpenIV releases Liberty City, which has been delayed, and as such has been put on the back burner. RDE Liberty will launch solely with the LCPD, with the Liberty State Police and Alderney State Police potentially be added latter as LC is developed by the OIV team.
    Miscellaneous Stuff:
    With the new install method, some changes have happened in response, with the most prominent being RDE Sheriff, or the “Sheriff’s of Blaine” addon, has been fully merged with vanilla RDE to curb confusion on both your end, and our end. BCSO will assume the sheriff naming convention, and the LSSD will follow, however with LS being injected before sheriff to differentiate them; becoming lssheriff, users of RDE Sheriff will already be familiar with this naming convention.
    RDE’s World of Variety (WOV) support will continue, with 3.1 updated to the latest version from Cass, with edits from us to take full advantage of the new peds and vehicles added by 3.1.
    Thanks for reading, and your continued support of RDE. As always, if you’re interested in working with us, you can apply here, as we’re always looking for competent beta testers, media personnel, and collaborators.
    Until next time,
    NefariousBonne and The Realism Team
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    Bozza reacted to PhillBellic in Community Spotlight: SteveTheGamer55   
    You use that Underground Police Mod?

    You must be a Hacker! :D

    Great Article, PgUp, and STEVETHEGAMER55.
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    Bozza reacted to PgUp in Community Spotlight: SteveTheGamer55   
    It’s spotlight time again!  Over the next few months, we’ll be sitting down with a couple of well known, and lesser known, names in the LSPDFR community.

    In this edition of the Community Spotlight, we got to chat with one of the biggest names over on YouTube, SteveTheGamer55.
    At the time of writing this article, SteveTheGamer55 has published 1,430 YouTube videos and has over 480,000 subscribers - insane numbers!
    For those unaware of you who are, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
    Hello, I’m a full time YouTube content creator, I started my YouTube channel about 5 years ago as a hobby and have grown over time to the point that I am at now. 

    How'd you find out about LCPDFR and can you give us a rough estimate about when that was?
    I found out about LCPDFR after testing the Police Pursuit Mod by Team-NeO around 5 years ago, and then soon after decided to switch to and primarily use version 0.90E of LCPDFR due to its stability. 
    If I remember correctly I found out about it through a YouTube video, I was watching some videos about NYPD vehicles ported to the game and somehow stumbled across an LCPDFR gameplay, but I cannot remember who that video was by.

    We were lucky enough to have you apart of our first ever LSPDFR Stream, for the release of LSPDFR 0.3, what was that like to be a part of?
    That was an amazing experience, and I would love to be a part of any future live streams!

    What did it feel like playing LCPDFR for the first time?
    Amazing! Being in the shoes of a (digital) officer and getting a small taste of what some of them go through day to day was very new to me and a great experience to be had. Game crashes, which we all knew about very well at the time, could become a bother but never really took the fun factor out of the overall experience for me.

    What was your experience like with Police Pursuit Mod compared to LCPDFR, what made you enjoy LCPDFR more? 
    I have always thought that LCPDFR has been a more stable and feature rich modification, even though the team behind Police Pursuit Mod were doing some pretty neat things with their project at the time. The continuous updates and improvements to LCPDFR was really the main factor for me, and that's one of the reasons why I have stuck around here since.  
    Roughly when did you start getting into YouTube/producing LC/LSPDFR videos?
    I started recording videos with 0.91 back around September 2011 as a hobby and haven't stopped since. But I just recently became a full time YouTuber/content creator as of June 2016.

    What made you love LC/LSPDFR so much?
    I had wanted to become a cop when I was younger but just never did follow through with it since I had decided to pursue another career as a bio-medical engineer which gave me some of the best experiences in my life. Even though LCPDFR/LSPDFR was not an official game, the mod did provide one of the best police simulation experiences out there for me personally, ever since playing it for the first time I have been addicted.

    What's been your favourite and/or most used vehicle to use on patrol so far?
    My preferred vehicle of choice would have to be the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (CVPI), simply due to its power and durability.

    You pretty well specialise in both LCPDFR and LSPDFR, how do you think LSPDFR stacks up against the original and classic LCPDFR?
    Other than the crashes, I am still in love with LCPDFR due to the fact that GTA IV's location is based off of New York City, which is where I currently reside. The experience that it provides me is true to life. The experience that LSPDFR provides is similar in nature, I just can't wait to see what's in store next!
    Anything you'd like to see added into LSPDFR next? Whether it be a feature that didn't make it to LS from LC, or something new you've thought of yourself?
    One thing that would be great to see added to LSPDFR would be a way to track stats and compare them with other players, something like what used to be offered for LCPDFR back in the day, but with more detail.

    What motivated you to start making LC/LSPDFR videos and what was it like starting out?
    I was inspired by one of the emergency vehicle modelers of the time, GFXLE. Starting out was hard and nerve-racking as the LCPDFR/LSPDFR community is sometimes very vocal and provides a lot of valuable feedback, being new to voice overs and being in front of the microphone was also very difficult in the beginning. Over time things just become natural and you truly come to enjoy the experience.
    How long did it take, in rough estimates to reach the one thousand subscriber milestone, also ten thousand, fifty thousand, and the most recent milestone, a whopping four hundred thousand subscribers?
    In truth, I never went into it expecting to gain any following, it was all for fun. So yes, When everything began to grow at a consistent rate it was crazy to watch, and I am still amazed! I hit my first 10K Subscribers roughly one year into it, 50K in just under three years, 100K in about three and a half years, and I am where I am now with 450K+ Subscribers after around four and a half years.  

    Do you play any games outside of the 'Police' genre, if so what are they?
    My main focus continues to be LCPDFR, LSPDFR, and my Let's Go To Work series within the GTA franchise. Outside of that, I do sometimes play other games such as American Truck Simulator, Forza Horizon 3, Watch Dogs 2, NBA 2K17, and a handful of others when I have some free time. I absolutely hope to branch out and try some new games on my channel(s) at some point, I just want to be sure that it is something my viewers would want to see.

    So, what's your daily schedule like now that you're full time on YouTube, does filming and editing take up most of your day?
    I always try to pick a schedule that gives me the chance to have a regular lifestyle and that also allows me plenty of time to focus on creating content for YouTube. Although, some content can take many hours to produce and losing track of time is inevitable in those cases.
    Can you let us in on some of your goals for 2017?
    My primary goal for 2017 is to keep going strong at what I do and to continue uploading the best content possible for my fans, and anyone else who decides to check out my videos. 

    Anything you wish to say to the community?
    Sure, I would just like to say thank you to the community for providing me with this once in a lifetime experience, without your support and feedback I would not be in the position I am now. I truly hope that everyone continues to provide the valuable feedback that they do and remain engaged with me for as long as this ride lasts!

    That’s it for this edition of Community Spotlight! Massive shout out and Thank You to @STEVETHEGAMER for letting us interrogate him and  @Bozza, @Mikofiticus, @Sleepwalker and @Wilson Sellars for the amazing gallery images!
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    Bozza reacted to MooseYTY in New South Wales Polcie Mod Pack   
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    Bozza reacted to NefariousBonne in [REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.1.1   
    Remember when we used to do DEV updates? I don't, but hopefully you do. I thought it would be opportune to touch upon 3.1 and the future going forward.
    Since our initial release of 3.0 back in December, we're been hard at work sorting out issues and planning out the future.
    3.1 will be a content patch, which has been dubbed as the "Landstalker and Unmarked Pack" by me.
    For starters; the LSPD, LSSD and BCSD will all get some new unmarked vehicles: (Images courtesy of @RolandHUE and myself)
    In addition the SAPR and SAHP will receive a Landstalker: (Image courtesy of @11john11)
    The LSSD, BCSD and NOoSE will also receive Transporters: 
    Our Emergency! DLC will continue to expand; with 3.1 launching with the new LSCoFD battalion Granger: 
    And finally we're pleased to announce the Liberty add-on, which will provide support for OIV's Liberty City port: This will not launch with 3.1; but thought I'd mention it.
    Thank you all for reading, and your continued support of RDE. In special news; the RDE wikia has been given new life, if you are willing, any help is appreciated to get that wiki in order for everyone to peruse: http://rde.wikia.com/wiki/Realism_Dispatch_Enhanced_Wikia; @Jax765 and the media team is already hard at work. While I cannot give a release date for 3.1, it will be soon™. 
    Want to work with us? Apply here.
    Have feedback, a bug or a suggestion? Go here.
    I'm sure @AlexVonShep will chime in with the latest for BCSO.
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    Bozza reacted to Sam in Our Response to Channel 7 News   
    Channel 7 News in Australia ran a story regarding LSPDFR yesterday, misrepresenting that LSPDFR and other modifications are used as a simulation for killing police officers.  This has since been picked up by other media outlets, as well as the gaming press.  Obviously, this simply isn't the case, and you can read our statement regarding this matter below.