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  1. matt1008

    ELS no longer function correctly

    I am haveing the same issue with els
  2. matt1008

    Insufficient Permissions

    I dont know how to fix your error sorry mabye somebody will know how to fix it
  3. matt1008

    Insufficient Permissions

    Can u post a picture please
  4. matt1008

    Insufficient Permissions

    Are u using the newest ragehook
  5. matt1008

    Insufficient Permissions

    Are you using windows 7
  6. hi i downloaded the chp pack and installed it in the pacthdaypng10 and it would spawn the default sherffi and then i installed it in pacthdaypng1 and i replaced sheffir and still spawn in default not sure whats going on and i have a mods folder and lspdfr and ragehook
  7. matt1008

    Els lights dim

    Hi every car I install els are dim is there any way I can edit the visual.dat file for gta5 with out installing a enb
  8. matt1008

    Cant get traffic policer to work

    Its working now thanks for the help
  9. matt1008

    Cant get traffic policer to work

    i dont even get a option to load it when i click in ragehook settings
  10. matt1008

    Cant get traffic policer to work

    i dont know how to install it
  11. matt1008

    Cant get traffic policer to work

    i dont have any idea sorry
  12. matt1008

    Cant get traffic policer to work

    okay soo its not updated to 49
  13. matt1008

    "Stopping ped" stops working?!

    Yes i have the same issue
  14. Hey i just installed traffic policer from ablo125 and i cant get it to load with lspdfr and when launch ragehook only lspdfr shows as the only plugin does any one know how to get traffic policer to work i am on steam version of gta5 944 and ragehook version 49
  15. matt1008

    how do i arsset some one

    Hey i just installed gta5 and ragehook and how do i aresst some one in game as a police officer