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  1. LCSO Sergeant Jester

    Kansas State Trooper

    A for effort I suppose, for beginners even the video you posted the hats and accessories on the uniform aren't silver, they're gold. Plus the long sleeve short looks awful with a tie that's painted to be invisible but is still clearly seen, the ties they DO wear actually go inside of the shirt as I'll put into my comment. Not to mention the line coming across the uniform while it is realistic, it's all kinds of messed up, isn't exactly straight plus it leads to no wheres land. The name tags also aren't just a solid line with a name, they've got some stuff around them also in the pictures.
  2. LCSO Sergeant Jester

    Bounty hunter CVPI

    101 ways to be charged with Aggravated Kidnapping and Assault. (If it were real of course)
  3. https://gyazo.com/369a2c14c6817fb571b0983fb3d15024 Why's it doing this? What have I done wrong?
  4. LCSO Sergeant Jester

    Vehicles drive off on button push?

    Yes but I believe it happened yesterday when I had a fresh install with ELS but vanilla cars.
  5. LCSO Sergeant Jester

    Vehicles drive off on button push?

    I don't believe so, I'm able to pull them over sometimes and they'll come to a stop or they'll be attempting to stop but once I hit the r button it'll be like the super fast forward button. This can also happen during pursuits, traffic stops.
  6. LCSO Sergeant Jester

    Vehicles drive off on button push?

    So basically whenever I attempt to conduct a traffic stop, pursuit, or really anything relating to a motor vehicle if I press "r" on ELS which is the momentary siren, and sometimes even just pressing 1 to activate the wail they'll go directly foward with no turn or change slightly in direction but literally just forward at an acceleration until they're smashing into a wall or other vehicle. It's annoy as hell and was wondering how I can stop this.
  7. LCSO Sergeant Jester

    [CHARACTER][WIP] Enhanced Equipment

    Hey buddy, I really like your work. I was just curious and wondering if there's any chance you could allow some input? With the exterior vests, we often put things on them to allow more freedom around your waist. Example would be this picture, I put an extra pair of cuffs, my magazines, X26, and then misc stuff in the EDC pouch, any chance you could do that with your vests? Or make there be an option to mismatch. (Example for ingame would be one vest has a X26 and cuffs, the other vest would have a radio and magazine pouch) Also I was wondering if you could make a separate traffic vest that can also go AROUND the vest, It's something that I rarely see but would be awesome because most ped mods are EITHER the carrier or the traffic vest but there's no way I'd take the vest off and replace it with a traffic vest IRL Thanks pal
  8. LCSO Sergeant Jester

    [ELS] NHP Sedan Pack

    I absolutely love the CVPI with the legend... Especially if you change the ELS to all blue, <3 Any chance you could make more of the same variety with that lightbar. (I.E. A Explorer, possibly charger, tahoe with the legend in the same concept of lighting)
  9. Seems there's only a few dev parts for GTAV-ELS Compatible, vehicles. Anyone know any good places or if they could help me get ahold of some good parts?
  10. LCSO Sergeant Jester

    Emergency Lighting System

    Anyone know the key that turns on the dome light (Red) inside the car? Like in IV when you could press the key and it'd illuminate the inside of the cruiser
  11. LCSO Sergeant Jester

    Suggestion for less lethal in game!?

    Right but mainly I'm looking for other means, mostly pepper guns. I know most SWAT units, and RIOT teams are using them but... I mean it's LSPDFR you be whatever you want to be, thus I think it'd be great for us to use them as a addon.
  12. LCSO Sergeant Jester

    Suggestion for less lethal in game!?

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this before, I've noticed a single pepper spray post but this is kind of more. As more and more departments are wanting to have more options for officers to use in a less than lethal means, they've been coming up with numerous ideas to make these things happen! Departments are having shotguns that shoot bean bags, that punch a pack like a gun wound but won't leave as much damage to the body. They generally paint these bean bag guns orange or a light color so it's easier to differentiate so you're not shooting a lethal shotgun at a suspect when you're thinking it's a bean bag gun. Another idea is called a pepper gun or paintball gun that shoots pepper ball rounds. I think putting in a pepper gun for V would be a more than great idea... Just make the bullet damage for a certain gun like a SMG or something no one uses in scripts/plugins (Civilians) or officers so it's unlikely to be used by anyone else. More will be added!
    Nice... Any way you could integrate it to Computer + or something so whenever you're sitting on the side of a road, or in the middle of a parking lot at night, you're able to type up a report with no calls pending/waiting for calls?
  13. LCSO Sergeant Jester

    LSPDFR made the news..again.

    Yeah no problem man, I'm just putting in my two cents trying to help out another future officer! And the thing is... Officers who patrol might be fine with it, but the real question is the people who actually accept applicants, and hiring process... Those are the real people who matter!
  14. LCSO Sergeant Jester

    LSPDFR made the news..again.

    Nope.... Not really, I'm talking truth this might be a negative on your possibility for a application process just so in the matter of a court hearing someone doesn't bring up the 'Well Sean here played violent video games, and would kill fellow players that were like civilians for absolutely no reason" and then it'd make your case sound like trash.