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  1. CODEX12

    Ram Usage (help)

    Am still having this issue so i pretty much looked into it abit and this is really werid. When am installing GTA V it's using almost 100% of my 16GB usage so when i close that program the usage will just switch to skype or something else am really lost i have no idea what to do. System. Windows 10 pro GPU: AMD R9 280X CPU AMD FX 8350 4.2Ghz 16GB of hyper x ram
  2. CODEX12

    Top Gear track FIX + Objects

    What gives you the right to release someone elses work?
  3. CODEX12

    2013 LSPD Ford F350 SSV

    Model is good i guess apart from the wheels look ugly from my point of view
  4. CODEX12

    Code 3 Javelin 2016 (FHP) - theorigionalgamer

    Thanks a ton.
  5. CODEX12

    Questions About My Graphics Card

    Every computer is not the same so it will run different & that graphics card is really outdated recommend you upgrading.
  6. CODEX12

    Stagecoach bus and coach textures

    I just love it nice work on making this.
  7. CODEX12

    Was getting angry

  8. CODEX12

    Whelen Edge 9000 with Speaker

    Very detailing model great job.
  9. friend of mine tested it and worked perfectly fine only one issue was with the cuff animation didn't work for other people.
  10. CODEX12


    Perfect work dude.
  11. CODEX12

    Dodge Charger 2014 FBI.

    Glad to see you release again. good job.
  12. That police mod dose work with it you just doing something wrong.
  13. CODEX12

    Andreas State Patrol Slicktop Tahoe

    Job well done jump ehh i mean gump :)
  14. CODEX12

    Ram Usage (help)

    Just to let you guys know i did a clean install windows 10 because i got black screen when i added new parts so when i was installing gta v game it started to eat all the ram usage to like 100% then my windows would be soo slow & laggy however, it seems to be only on the install been playing it with mods & such everything seems fine so thanks for your support :) Only use Windows defender am unsure what made the issue but it never happend to my old 8GB ram no idea anyhow like i said its stopped doing it & dose not do it on games. just within the install progress etc,
  15. CODEX12

    Ram Usage (help)

    Well yes but i always used 8GB and i only just upgraded to hyper x rams and only started to come across this it's when am installing games itself. never had the issue with my old ones. EDIT: plus GTA V should not be using all my ram during the install i clearly don't understand why i started to get this issue.