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  1. theninja35

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019

    My stats will consist of shots fired, persons frisked and showers taken only. Thank you to the entire LCPDFR team for being so awesome and working to satisfy our gun slinging, crook-beating, car-chase speeding needs. You guys are incredible.
  2. theninja35

    The LSPDFR award

    When I look back at all of my old posts I wanna press my face against my keyboard. So much has happened since I first joined. I'll tell you what though, it does not at all feel like it's been 7 years lol.
  3. theninja35

    The LSPDFR award

    Lets give awards out to the most toxic users. I would've won several years in a row if we had those back in the good ol' days.
  4. theninja35

    Mod question

    Have you installed anything else? Sometimes I try to install multiple things at once and the game crashes, but when I do them each individually until they're all in the game, the game doesn't crash. And when you put the modded vehicles.meta back in, are you putting it in the right place? Is it in a 'mod' folder? I'm sorry I haven't been helpful so far lol, I've never experienced this before.
  5. theninja35

    Mod question

    Okay. It should be working but the lightbar might be labeled as a different 'extra'. I don't currently have GTA V installed (waiting on LSPDFR 0.4 ), but you might want to try editing the vehicles.meta file for sheriff2 using that link that I provided and a text editor. If you don't know how to do that then I can try to explain it to you. If you do know how to access and edit the vehicles.meta file, could you post the set for sheriff2? It would help me figure out what extras sheriff2 already has loaded. If you can do that, please put it in a spoiler tag. (Use [ spoiler ] text [ /spoiler ] without the spaces)
  6. theninja35

    Mod question

    It looks like it's a non-ELS vehicle and the lightbar is considered an 'extra'. What car slot have you put the vehicle into? If the modeler for the vehicle included a readme, you should read that and put any extra text files into your game. If there wasn't a readme, then first of all that's a bad modeler. But if that's the case, then you should try copying the "police3" or one of the FBI/sheriff SUV vehicle.meta sets. They should have the information necessary for the vehicle to spawn with the extra part. If you'd rather just edit the text without copying anything, give this a shot: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/19786/tutorial-how-to-make-specific-vehicle-extras-appear-on-a-vehicle-every-spawn I can't recall whether or not OpenIV tells you what extras the vehicle uses, so you might have to test out a few items.
  7. theninja35

    Am I blind?

    Are you sure you're installing the correct RageHook? It looks like you're trying to install or use .62. At the bottom of your installation picture. That version was for v1365 and was released in March and of course wouldn't work with the latest GTA version. The latest version of RageHook, .63, works with the newest GTA version -- or it should, at least as far as I know.
  8. theninja35

    What did you do?

    I would like to argue that anyone who leaves does so on their own conditions. No one forces a person to leave unless that person is banned or otherwise removed. If a person is bugging that modder, then he/she has choices: he can either ignore (block) the instigator, report the instigator, or leave and blame the instigator. But the option he chooses is entirely up to him, and it's not the fault of the instigator or the community if he chooses to leave, because ultimately they have no powers to remove him.
  9. theninja35

    Look Everyone, We Made It To BuzzFeed!

    How we all feel while playing LSPDFR.
  10. theninja35

    Urgent help required regarding Sheriff Model Pls

    I assume you're using NaturalVision? In one of the patchdays, I think 2, there is a vehicles file that contains several vehicle.ytd files, and I believe one of them is a police car. You'll have to delete that file or replace it with the Crown Vic texture file. If you're not using NV, you must have a duplicate police car texture somewhere in your modded files, and you'll have to delete it.
  11. theninja35

    Blaine County Sheriff (Flagler County Based)

    More harrison skins make my day better.
  12. theninja35

    2014 SAHP Dodge Charger [ELS]

    I only use cars with breaking windows, so thank you for including that picture.
  13. theninja35

    Smoothing Police Lettering

    That's 8K, which could become a struggle for the computer if there are multiple instances of that texture loaded in the game at once. Most livery designers release their liveries in 4K or 2K (4096x4096 and 2048x2048 respectively). I guess if it works it works, but I feel like there has to be something else that you can do. What if you make the livery in 8K, then when you export it export it down to 4K or 2K? Will it still appear pixelated?
  14. theninja35

    2014 Dodge Charger Mini-Pack: "LSPD"

    Your vehicles are among the highest quality available, thank you so much for releasing more. The changeable reflective liveries are a nice feature and I can't wait to try it out! Will there be other models in the future that have this feature? (I would also like to mention, the filesize is incredibly low for such a car!)
  15. theninja35

    Smoothing Police Lettering

    Do other shapes on the car also appear pixelated around the edges, or is it just the text? Are you scaling the text with the font size tool or are you making it a "shape" and then scaling it up? The template is high quality enough that these issues shouldn't be happening, but I don't know what the cause could be. Also, I use Photoshop instead, so I don't quite know how Paint.net works, but hopefully we can solve this and if not, then hopefully someone else who uses Paint.net will be able to help.