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    My last post was in October? I guess I should probably post an update to where things are at with v2 then. First of all, I'd like to thank you all for being so patient. I know I should've posted an update sooner but between college and other real life issues I just lose track of time. Anyway, more about the next version! There are currently 8 callouts in the pack, most of which are finished. I'm just working on audio and finding better animations to use at the minute. As far as I can tell everything works fine, but we'll have to see what bugs people find when it's released. After sorting all of the audio and animations I'm gonna be adding an .ini so you can change the unit number that you use and probably some other things too. At this point in time, I'm aiming to release it around Christmas. I may give some people that have supported me early access just to test it before the release. For anyone that's interested, the callouts that will be included are listed below. All callouts have been remade from scratch and will allow the player to interact with the suspects. They are also much better than the previous version of the callouts. - Possible drug overdose - Fight in progress - Domestic disturbance - Missing animal - Officer needs help (Shots fired) - Officer needs help (Assist with arrest) - Unconscious Civilian - Mugging
  2. Athsro

    RPH Forums Down - LSPDFR Crashing on Startup

    My LSPDFR was also crashing on startup. I removed the OpenIV.asi and now the game loads fine. Not sure if it'll work for anyone else. Only downside is that now I have to play without some mods.
  3. Athsro


    I suppose that the player could help with disarming the bomb. The callout will be very rare so it won't be like there are 24/7 terrorist attacks. I'll start work on it soon as I've nearly finished the missing pet callout. As for boat callouts, I'll definitely keep it in my but I don't think I'll make them just yet. Not too sure what I'd do with it. Maybe some people seen offloading packages at a dock/marina? I'll keep thinking about it.
  4. Athsro


    I could do something involving prostitutes. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) On a more serious note, I wanted to include one callout that was terrorist/bomb related. I was thinking of a hijacked plane at the LSIA and having NOOSE, FIB and IAA on scene. The player would help with crowd control and assist the federal agents on scene if needed. I think it would be kinda cool. I'm open to all suggestions!
  5. Athsro


    Thanks! The callouts that I've been working on are coming along nicely. Just a few things to polish before I start working on the rest of them. BTW, I've been thinking of making a missing pet callout. The callout would involve the player meeting the caller and getting the description of the animal. A search area will appear on the map where the player will go and look for the animal. Sound any good or should I leave it out?
  6. Athsro


    Hi guys. I know it's been a while since I've posted anything so I thought I'd let you all know what I've been working on. A few days ago I started working on Version 2.0 of MoreCallouts. One of the main features with v2 will be the ability to interact with the suspects and find out exactly what's been going on. This will be very similar to Code 3 Callouts. There are a number of other fixes regarding animations and audio. I've also removed some callouts that have already been made by other developers, such as the Hit and Run callout. This will allow you to use all of your favourite callout plugins without the callouts overlapping. As there are now less callouts in my pack, I will be able to spend more time on each one. Hopefully making it more fun and maybe even semi-realistic. However, I will add more callouts in the future. Don't expect v2 to be released too soon as college is taking up the majority of my time. I can only work on this a few hours a week which means that progress is very slow. I'll try and post updates whenever I can to show you what I've been working on.
  7. Athsro


    I'm still alive. Progress has been pretty slow as I've recently started my second year at college. I've been having to focus on getting all my work done for that, among other real life things that have slowed the progress of the mod down. PLEASE READ: The next version has been released. If there are any problems with it then you might have to wait a while for a fix, depending on what the problem is. Please let me know if you find any bugs.
  8. Athsro


    Looks like this: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/6253-lasd-cvpi-pack-dsf-version/ BTW, that uniform looks like a nice add-on to your More Realistic LAPD mod.