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About Me

Please do NOT message me regarding support for Grand Theft Auto IV/V, LC/LSPDFR, please create a topic in the relevant forum section and be sure to include all information required.

I guess it's time for me to update this area *Blows off the dust*

As my profile says, my name is Ben. I've been apart of the LCPDFR Community for a few years now, I joined the Community Team just over two years ago, as a Community Moderator. I started off on G17 Media's Official SAMP server where I was in the Sheriff's Department under the character name - Ben Johnston.

I am a Web Developer, although I primarily stick to front-end and work with a bit of PHP when making sites using WordPress. I have self-taught myself some Front-End Languages although I still have a lot to learn, I have recently been teaching myself PHP although I am still very much learning this.

People I hate (<3 :D) #TheRespectList

Iconography - He fixed my rep.

Sam - I heard he made some mod that is used by a few people, not really sure about that though.

ineseri - Apparently got a promotion, some sort of Management role.... I laughed. 🙂

Michael - Canadian. Believe it or not he doesn't say "eh" as much as you'd expect.

Jay - Not much to say about him, he's kinda dense.

GTAIVCode3 - American.... Thats all I got right now #murica

Yard1 - A great guy who makes great mods! (Yeah, I didn't write this <- I'm coming after you!


Mah cat - http://www.lcpdfr.com/profile/315527-pwutty/