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    Firsty reacted to LMS in Any way to not make the map pop out when receiving a call?   
    It has already been added in our internal version (since it is a very simple thing) and you will be able to use it with the next patch, yes.
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    Firsty got a reaction from theninja35 in [WIP] Ferno Norden AceTech ELS Controller for the Stream Deck   
    Refined icons a bit 🙂 Now waiting for the Illumination details for the GIF's in Enabled state.
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    Firsty got a reaction from theninja35 in [WIP] Ferno Norden AceTech ELS Controller for the Stream Deck   
    Just another profile for the Elgato Stream Deck for managing ELS. 
    Dedicated to @Chrisrogn and his excellent work with the Norwegian police cars! 
    Creating icons from scratch - and adding proper hotkeys.  Want it to work with only Nordic vehicles that dont use lightstages the same way.

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    Firsty got a reaction from Butter in LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview   
    Friggin awesome!! You guys always impress :) Can't wait to see what this brings into V :)
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    Firsty reacted to Butter in LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview   
    Might crack open my old GTA files and mods when this comes out, certainly excited!
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    Firsty reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview   
    It's actually one of my favourite bit about LSPDFR - you have all these talented people out there that share their work for everyone to enjoy.  I think it's nice that people can get to pick and choose other plugins that they like.  There's no point in us developing some hyper realistic police ranks system for example, as most people probably wouldn't want to play with those kind of constraints.
    Well, by default we only use things that are already in the game, so that's the LSPD.  If you wanted to add British mods, you'd still be able to.
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    Firsty got a reaction from shadowdiver710 in [WIP][REL] Assorted Callouts - Store Robbery, Petrol Theft, Bank Heist, Traffic Stop Backup Required, Stolen Police Vehicle, Person with a Knife, Solicitation, Organised Street Race, Immigrants In truck &More-   
    Just a little question about the callout strings and languages.  Are there any possibility in the future to maybe add the text and language strings used to an xml or ini so this can be translated and ported by us to for example Norwegian ? :)

    Would also love to see more traffic callouts, like accidents and more investigation callouts. Just love to use alot of time on each job :) 
    Great work indeed! Love this :)
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    Firsty got a reaction from BEModsV in Petition to Take-Two Interactive & Rockstar Games RE: OpenIV closing   
    Numbnuts. Closing down a tool that has gained them so much coin the last decade. Well done RockTard Games. Loosing both moneh and potential customers still wanting to buy the GTA franchise. Well done *slow clap*
    Let's all salute the creator of OpenIV and GIMS for his awesome tools all these years, and what a journey it has been.
    From editing taxi signs to your favorite neighbourhood shady-taxi, to creating complete addons like LCPDFR/LSPDFR. Whatever the mod, it has learned me atleast a heap of stuff that i never before GTA had the pleasure or interest to learn.  
    So many thanks! And i really hope that all this attention towards R* and TT will be frutiful! (mmm fruits)
    Firsty out!
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    Firsty got a reaction from PNWParksFan in Under Construction: Coastal Callouts, Police Radio and more!   
    This is just lotion for sore eyes! Beautiful    Can't wait to help Justin Bieber on his luxus yatch(or maybe not help)  And to be able to ditch all those hotkeys that makes alot of scripts fail due to conflicts   *high five*
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    Firsty reacted to fancycopman in Under Construction: Coastal Callouts, Police Radio and more!   
    Looks promising!
    I do think that call-outs should take more of a realistic turn, less of the 'arcade' feel. Police work is full of boring, repetitive calls. 
    911 Hang Up... Suspicious Person/ Vehicle... etc
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    Firsty reacted to Fiskey111 in Under Construction: Coastal Callouts, Police Radio and more!   
    Welcome to “Under Construction” - the (hopefully) quarterly review of what will be coming soon to LCPDFR.com.
    This article will showcase anything new being created by our wonderful community!  This may include scripts, vehicles, textures, game modifications, and anything else we might consider awesome!
    For this month, I’ve decided to focus on two themes with a total of four modifications!
    Vehicle Modifications
    2015 GMC Savana Coroner by @Desmond98
    An important part of an officer’s toolkit is his radio.  The popular modification Police Radio has a coroner feature that helps clean up those bodies after you accidentally ended that armed pursuit on Grove Street.  Why have your coroners roll up in an old-fashioned van when you could have a new 2015 GMC Savana van!  This van will soon be equipped with lights to keep those wonderful AI drivers from hitting it.  It’s going to be based heavily on the Los Angeles County Coroner’s vehicles, helping you make an accurate fleet if that’s what you like!  I bet your coroners can’t wait to upgrade to this beauty!

    You can find some of Desmond98’s WIPs here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/55797-wip-lapdlasdchp-fpiu-2014/?page=52#comment-461420

    OPP Policing Pack by @Thehurk
    Thehurk has certainly been busy working to bring us some amazing car models!  Lately, he’s been working on converting a fully detailed interior for his ever-loved 2016 FPIU to GTAV, completing his 2015 Tahoe and Charger, and creating an accurate Ontario Provincial Police pack!  Whew, that’s a lot!  An officer is only as good as his vehicle, especially in the remote wilderness of Chilliad or the dangerous streets of Los Santos.  What better car to drive in than a new 2015 Chevy Tahoe, a 2015 Dodge Charger, or a Crown Victoria?  These cars are beautiful and are equipped with an accurate setup following the OPP!  Oh, and did I mention a stunning interior? Oh, and did I also mention that they look gorgeous?

    Script Modifications
    Police SmartRadio by @Albo1125
    Now that your coroners have a top-of-the-line vehicle it’s about time you modernize your radio.  Say goodbye to the bulky radio handset and say hello to this sleek piece of modern equipment.  Well, it’s still a radio.  But - it’s much better!  Police SmartRadio will build off of the main features of the ever-loved Police Radio modification.  The radio is designed with customization as a priority -- now you, the player, can customize your radio with different UIs, button locations, and even the new ability to add buttons to the radio!  This will allow other plugin developers to create custom buttons for callouts/plugins -- goodbye keybinds!  Created from scratch, this modification will certainly, once again, change the way we play LSPDFR!

    You can find more information at the WIP page here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/69856-wip-police-smartradio-the-successor-to-police-radio/

    Coastal Callouts by @PNWParksFan
    Sick and tired of boring old land-based callouts?  Ever wanted to dive out of a coast guard helicopter, save that drowning person who forgot they couldn’t swim, then be hoisted back up on a winch while your copilot flies?  Soon you’ll be able to do all of that and more with Coastal Callouts!  PNWParksFan has been hard at work ensuring that he will provide a top quality modification that includes a bunch of new, high quality features.  Included with the modification will be a custom dlc with a host of coastal themed custom vehicles including helicopters and boats that can carry ten people, a custom boat pursuit AI and backup system, new peds (e.g. a coast guard pilot, swimmer with fins and snorkel, etc.), helicopter copilot AI that is able to fly the helicopter for you, and some appropriately themed callouts.  That’s a lot in one modification!  This will help fill those voids for those port or beach patrols, while also adding so much more to the game!

    You can find more information at the WIP page here:

    I don’t know about you but to me these all look amazing!  
    It looks like the future of LSPDFR is bright, thanks to all these talented individuals!
    Thank you for checking out the first installment in this new series.
    Photos were provided by their respective authors unless specified otherwise. Article image background by @PNWParksFan
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    Firsty reacted to Sniper296 in Sam's New Year's Message   
    I don't get a welcome back from either when I rejoined or from recent events but the @SecuritySquid's food new recruits gets a topic!
    @Fiskey111, @PgUp, @Requies, you are all dead to me now.
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    Firsty reacted to ineseri in LSPDFR Announcement + Preview   
    ​Heh long time no see Synapt :P
    LMS and Sam (mostly Sam) is working 24/7. Literally. I don't think Sam sleeps anymore. 
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    Firsty got a reaction from Double Doppler in LCPDFR 1.0D Crashes with SuspectTransport and other Worldevents   
    Actually, redoing the Vehicles.ide and Handlind.dat i've solved the issue.. So it must have been a issue with one of the Flags related to the police1 or police2 lines.. Strange :O 
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    Firsty got a reaction from MichaelV in Community Team and Staffing Update (28 March, 2015)   
    Congratulations! :) Love to see that this site is just as alive as when i firsty joined! :) Excellent forums, and great staff! Keep up the good work!
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    Firsty reacted to Original Light in Community Team and Staffing Update (28 March, 2015)   
    We choose people based on their maturity level, personality, activity, drive and passion for the site, and their record with us. If what you said were true, everyone that has made 500+ posts, has been here for 3+ years, and is extremely active would be a moderator right now. And there would be 1000's of moderators. 
    In actuality, we're very strict on who we pick. Since it can be a huge liability and security risk if we pick someone that's not suited for the position. There's very few people on here that meet our standards, and finding people is very difficult. Sure, the amount of posts, amount of time on here, age, etc. is a small part of it, but that's not what decisions are based on. 
    Anyway, a warm welcome to MichaelV and welcome back Illusionary. Also, a farewell to Yard1 and NB - lots of respect for you guys. 
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    Firsty got a reaction from Original Light in Community Team and Staffing Update (28 March, 2015)   
    Congratulations! :) Love to see that this site is just as alive as when i firsty joined! :) Excellent forums, and great staff! Keep up the good work!
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    Firsty reacted to gangrenn in FireFighter mod by gangrenn   
    1) What do you mean ? as explained in the video, just change the value from true to false if you don't like the first person camera when using the stretcher / Jaws of life, otherwise don't touch anything ;
    2) callout Interval is in milliseconds, so obviously 300 is way to low.
    3) You need to drive to the blip when you arrive on scene  so you can hear " [your unit ID] 10-75 on the box ..."; if you don't hear this communication through dispatch, the trash will not spawn.
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    Firsty got a reaction from Iconography in Community Team and Staffing Update (28 March, 2015)   
    Congratulations! :) Love to see that this site is just as alive as when i firsty joined! :) Excellent forums, and great staff! Keep up the good work!
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    Firsty reacted to Iconography in Community Team and Staffing Update (28 March, 2015)   
    In a continuation of our efforts to increase the effectiveness of the Community Team and moderation efforts, we have added MichaelV to the team.  Michael has been around the site for almost three years now and has continuously contributed to the community throughout his time here.  I am extremely confident that Michael will be an excellent addition to the team, and I hope everyone will join me in congratulating him and welcoming him to the team.  Michael will be in training for a few days before being integrated slowly into forum moderation.  He will be guided by myself and the rest of the Community Team during these next few weeks.  Still on the topic of staffing, Illusionary has rejoined the team after a short break.  As a key part of our team, we are very glad to have him back and we all look forward to many more months with him onboard.  ineseri has temporarily stepped up to the role of Assistant Community Manager, my old role, as I am currently filling in for Sam in his absence.  Sam is deeply involved with university work and will be away frequently for the next couple weeks.  We're doing our best to ensure that the site is not in any way affected by his absence.
    Moving on to a more melancholy topic, we have also had both a retirement and role change within the team.  Yard1 has retired from the team after joining a year and a half ago.  He made many contributions to the team and we are sorry to see him go.  We wish him the best in his future endeavors and hope to continue to see him around the site.  NicolaiB has changed roles on the team, and is now a Community Team Advisor.  NicolaiB has been around the site for many years and has been a driving force behind it for just as long.  We hope to see him around for many more years to come as well, and look forward to his continued involvement with the team.  JAM-Justin35 retired as a moderator a couple months ago and moved into an Advisor role.  Justin has an extensive history with the site as well, and has been incredibly instrumental throughout his entire time here.  Justin was always one to say things as they were and his frequent advice has helped to keep the entire Community Team on track many times.  Pursuing his love of firefighting, Justin has found his passion and excelled at his new career.  We wish him the best with everything and hope to see him around.
    To end the topic on a lighter note, I would just like to briefly mention that we are gearing up for the release of GTA V next month (barring more delays).  In addition, we hope to begin upgrading the site to IPS version 4 in the coming months (this is the software our site is built on).  This upgrade will modernize the site in many ways and we hope it will bring a breath of fresh air to the site, and the community as a whole.  I won't go into detail but we have some neat plans for the site and I hope everyone is as excited we are about the future.
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    Firsty got a reaction from ThatOneHick in Umm.. ZModeler why you do this to me   
    Try to use 3dsmax and the OFIO script. 3ds does handle highpoly better. And theres optimizing tools too :) converted the VW T5 Caravelle that way :)
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    Firsty reacted to willpv23 in Game crash - AdvancedHookManaged.AVehicle.CreateCarAroundPosition   
    For some reason I get the feeling this might be caused by ScriptHookDotNet.dll being in your folder, make sure it doesn't exist and only ScriptHookDotNet.asi does.
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    Firsty reacted to GlowFunky in Game crash - AdvancedHookManaged.AVehicle.CreateCarAroundPosition   
    Reinstall LCPDFR or you can repleace these files from the manually install AdvancedHook.dll, ScriptHook.dll, and dsound.dll if your not using xlive.dll. Hope it solves your problem :D
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    Firsty got a reaction from XxLCPDManavxX in LCPDFR 1.0D Crashes with SuspectTransport and other Worldevents   
    Hello :) 
    I have recently had some issues related to the call for Prisoner transport. And other crashes mostly related to LCPDFR spawning units ( Noose, random world event, random backup units helping me and prisoner transport )
    These random spawning will of course cause alot of crashes for atleast us using ELS enabled vehicles. As it seems that LCPFR always spawn them with Sirens on.
    But the question is.. as the main issue is the call for Prisoner transport, mostly in multiplayer - i've tried to work around this, adding a Non-ELS vehicle to the PSTOCKADE slot and then add 3 PSTOCKADE lines for SuspectTransporterModels in the LCPDFR.ini file.
    But no luck, even with that - LCPDFR spawns me a POLICE2 unit ( which is ELS enabled ) and the game crashes 99% of the time..  Does this line do anything at all ? or is it disabled for some reason in 1.0D ?
    Current pack.
    *LCPDFR 1.0D
    *ELS V8.0 R1
    (tried with and without these mods.. seems to make no difference.. )
    * IV Square Map Asi script
    * VRadar Script
    * SimpleNativeTrainer
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