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  1. Scoobz187

    Better EMS

    Ohh sorry didnt saw that one. Im sorry. Wasnt paying enough attention. ;)
  2. Scoobz187

    Better EMS

    A great mod, no doubt. But one thing would be great. A additional file where one is able to assign addon cars to the pool of possible cars responding.
  3. Scoobz187

    Ford Crown Victoria 2011 LSPD Slicktop Steady Burn

    Actually they dont have a new setup. Pictured in the Video is a rare Traffic Enforcement Slicktop. Those are very rare. The main setup still is the A/B Strobe.
  4. Scoobz187

    Custom Backup

    Well i guess thats the problem. Because spawning the car through console works fine. I am gonna upload it tomorow when i am back home from shift. Thanks for the fast reply.
  5. Scoobz187

    Custom Backup

    Apparently Custom added cars wont work with this? I´ve put a CHP Cruiser into the game, works fine. Changed the Police Bike entry to the CHP and renamed the menu entry CHP RMP. When i do call a CHP RMP either the bike or the white CVPI that is showing up.
  6. The Siren shown in the video isnt a Touchmaster Delta. It is a Touchmaster UTM-4.
  7. Scoobz187

    VocalDispatch Deutsch

    Ist die Kommandosprache jetzt Deutsch oder bleibt sie Englisch?
  8. I never had this problem before i used this mod. Do you talk about the Cop Cars standing on the side of Highways?
  9. Actually i do have the same problems. I do not use Auto Pursuit Backup Disabler. As far as it goes for me i dont have a clue what causes the problem.
  10. Well im ging to give it a try later that day. Will report back how it works and stuff :)
  11. Scoobz187

    Chevy Tahoe or Ford Explorer

    Yeah, Ford Utility and da Hoe are defenetly a must! ;) Also a Ford Van or something (GMC, Chevy) like that would be awesome too. ^^
  12. Scoobz187

    Gear shift on CVPI

    Well i guess this is not something very high on the priority list of the modders i guess. Is it possible? Maybe. Never heard that someone thought about it.
  13. Scoobz187

    Rockstar update broke my LCPDFR ...

    Scripthook update is allready out. Now we need to wait for RHP Update.
  14. Scoobz187

    Emergency uniforms pack - Law & Order

    I really love this stuff. But wouldnt it be easier to do some replacement stuff for the s_m_y_cops etc. files?
  15. Scoobz187

    Quality mods being made?

    Well i guess it is going to take some more time for high quality mods. A good modder is going to be shure to hand out a almost perfect model. What happend trough the last 2 Weeks is just the beginning. I see some more patience coming down the road XD ;)