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  1. tkdwnsehtk

    [addon]Dominator Police templated

    It's standalone since they're using different siren lights :) It WILL be released for sure, perfect model will take some time but I want to share it asap so I'll upload beta sooner or later and keep updating it ;)
  2. tkdwnsehtk

    [addon]Dominator Police templated

    WIP. I'm taking suggestions(if I can) Still couldn't figured out how to enable multiple livery(plz help...), so I made color variations instead just like unmarked cruiser
  3. tkdwnsehtk

    [addon]Dominator Police templated

    Will be testing undercover version tomorrow. Made the car but haven't tested it yet I was busy playing online XD Vehicle getting white in a distance is LOD issue. I was hoping nobody notice this lol guess I should be working on it as well ;)
  4. tkdwnsehtk

    [addon]Dominator Police templated

    I can't figure out why so plz try using Ragepluginhook console instead Issues regarding to siren lights all fixed, custom grill, antenna and spotlight added for more police look This will be uploaded in next update with slicktop version
  5. tkdwnsehtk

    [addon]Dominator Police templated

    Multiple livery is not finished, I'm figuring out how to do it XD Changes on this update are new rims and breakable glass only. Help me if you know how!
  6. tkdwnsehtk

    [addon]Dominator Police templated

    Still not working? Double check every steps in ADVANCED INSTALL.txt since there's no way it's not working if you followed it correctly Did you add vehicle model/texture files in x64e.rpf?
  7. tkdwnsehtk

    GTA 5 ASP Baton

    So, is this still one-hit kill? I want baton to be unlethal
  8. I followed this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFLjsCMofuk Copied "vehicle_generic_smallspecmap [PAINT:1]" and renamed it to "podominator paint1 [PAINT:2]" and assigned my template The skin name on my .ytd was "podominator" and I tried renaming it to "podominator_sign_1". Both the game and OpenIV loads the skin with no problem so I added podominator_sign_2 and 3 as well but car won't load 2 and 3 Added flag "FLAG_HAS_LIVERY" on vehicles.meta but still not working What am I missing here? I almost forgot this is my carvariation.mets line for this
  9. tkdwnsehtk

    [addon]Dominator Police templated

    OpenIv itself can't edit the text. You should export it to your desktop and open it via notepad, then you should be able to edit it ;)
  10. tkdwnsehtk

    [addon]Dominator Police templated

    I agree that buffalo audio hash would fit much better! Will be working on unmarked version as well ;) Dominator rim done! I'll keep default rims too for your taste ;) Working on multiple liveries and lssd skin for it so expect update soon!
  11. tkdwnsehtk

    [addon]Dominator Police templated

    Ultra quality screenshots, thanks to heavhanded! thanks!
  12. tkdwnsehtk

    [addon]Dominator Police templated

    Since The vehicle needs siren sound too, It's using audiohash of police2