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    Shoutbox Idea

    I personally find them a bit of an unnecessary eyesore -- I haven't seen one that looks particularly nice on a forum. I get that it does provide a sense of 'community spirit' though. We are potentially thinking about opening our private Discord server up to the public at some point, which I think people would prefer rather than a shoutbox.
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    Please re-formulate your question to be appropriate to a forum community -- no, we won't help you on Discord, but you can post what issues you're having here and myself or others will try and help.
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    LSPDFR.dll Crashing 0.3.1 RPH 0.57

    Upload your backup.xml file from Grand Theft Auto V\lspdfr
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    L.A. Part-3

    From the album: L.A NightLights

    © ALLENjr12

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    Puerto Rico State Police Tahoe

    From the album: GTA V P.R. Emergency services

    Policia Estatal de Puerto Rico
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    Spanking in Europe and France

    God damn clickbait title >:( I'm against hitting a child. Or anyone for that matter. If you can't control your kid to the point you have to hit them you're a shit parent. No two ways about it. Get better at parenting and maybe you wont ever need to hit them.