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    I will do all of that. And I'll report back. Thanks! Well, Will. I can load in the game It's at Rage Plugin Hook and then it's got a big long list. I think it's working I didn't even do anything. LOL. 1 Sec. Well it's loading, but it's just stuck in the loading screen... Let me watch and see what it does.
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    Script Hook V

    Alexander Blade isn't on any forms of social media to my knowledge, so it's just a waiting game. As Bastion stated, you can revert your game if you backed it up previously. However, if you didn't back it up prior to the update, your only option is to wait. Do note that ScriptHookV is not a requirement for Rage and LSPDFR to work.
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    My els is not working or showing nor is the ram bar please help