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    Version 1.0


    ALSO INCLUDES REFLECTIVES* vvvvCars Usedvvvv (But not limited to) Wanna join a group of creators, fellow LSPDfr fans, and Law Enforcement Enthusiasts? Go to my profile or click the link below and join the Thin Blue Designs Discord! We are a group of creators who help each other with decals, Paint.net support, and any other problems you may need help with so join our discord today to get more info and start becoming a member today! Click here to join the Thin Blue Designs Discord Today!
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    [DEV] Ford AWD Badge



    [DEV] Ford AWD Badge Nothing really special here, just a ordinary AWD badge for Ford vehicles, no need to complain about it in a podcast. The badge is fitted to OfficerUnderWoods/Thehurks 2016 FPIU base. You just have to attach it to the boot. Disclaimer: I am not held responsible for any damages done to your PC, game or, model. It work's perfectly fine. Do not reupload or try to steal any of my work.
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    Tactical Potato

    My Baby

    From the album: State Law Enforcement

    Accuracy can make or break a vehicle
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    10-23 On scene.

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    We Got One!

    From the album: Just Doing My Job

    Parking Enforcement spotting an illegally parked Jeep

    © GrandTheftPD

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    Officer Joey Kuffman


    From the album: Officer Joey

    © Officer Joey Kuffman

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    Version 1.0.0


    Western Australia Police Commodore Wagon Liveries By JayMullaz These skins are made specifically for MooseYTY's WAPOL Commodore Wagon, which can be found here: About: Included in this file are three liveries: - Generic WA Police General Duties markings - New high visibility General Duties markings - Special NAIDOC General Duties livery Terms: Do not reupload these skins anywhere. If you wish to have these skins edited, please contact me via PM. You have permission to use this in YouTube or TwitchTV content, as long as appropriate credit is provided. I would love to hear your feedback on the skins, and any possible improvements. If you have any questions or texture requests, feel free to contact me. Enjoy! - Jay
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    Great work as always! I love the split k9 / prisoner cage. But my favorite part is now that I can zmod while patrolling! Love zmod.

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