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    Shoutbox Idea

    I personally find them a bit of an unnecessary eyesore -- I haven't seen one that looks particularly nice on a forum. I get that it does provide a sense of 'community spirit' though. We are potentially thinking about opening our private Discord server up to the public at some point, which I think people would prefer rather than a shoutbox.
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    BSCO x4.png

    From the album: various PD/CS/SP

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    The Silver Ghost

    From the album: SA police

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    Dusty Flop


    From the album: Dusty's Photography

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    Hey there you wonderful people! I'm still very, very new to making liveries and was hoping to get some feedback on what I've been working on lately. All my work is done in GIMP. Let me know what you think! BCSO: I'm fairly happy with how these turned out, except that the stripes on the vic's rear bumper got screwed up somehow. Need to fix those. LSPD Crown Vic: Kinda "meh" on this one, personally. I like the color scheme, but the bars on the side didn't behave how I wanted them to once they were imported into OpenIV. That and I totally forgot to angle the text in line with the car.
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    Train hunting in Delco

    From the album: V Junkyard

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    It's a family tradition..

    From the album: Random