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    Hey there you wonderful people! I'm still very, very new to making liveries and was hoping to get some feedback on what I've been working on lately. All my work is done in GIMP. Let me know what you think! BCSO: I'm fairly happy with how these turned out, except that the stripes on the vic's rear bumper got screwed up somehow. Need to fix those. LSPD Crown Vic: Kinda "meh" on this one, personally. I like the color scheme, but the bars on the side didn't behave how I wanted them to once they were imported into OpenIV. That and I totally forgot to angle the text in line with the car.
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    LSPDFR Crash

    Sweet it works now! Thank you so much
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    Look Everyone, We Made It To BuzzFeed!

    I'm not sure reaching BuzzFeed is a good achievement. Welcome back from the dead btw.
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    Where do I install ELS vehicles?

    Thank you for your help. I solved this problem by ensuring I have the right ASIs installed on open IV. Cheers
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    Since disabling your mods folder fixes the issue, then I highly suggest you try and remember what you installed. Go through all your downloads. I have no idea what mod can cause this, it makes no sense. Restarting your mods folder from scratch is a last resort if You can't figure it out.
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    Police(1) texture loss...

    Wrong location. Copy over a patchday folder into mods. Please use patchday19. So put the police files here Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday19ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\
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    Lagging when on duty

    That is normal. Going on duty requires a lot of power from your computer's processor and graphics card. You can try to reduce lag by removing plugins.
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    Wow, never heard of this. Pressing the ESC button does nothing at all? Try restarting your computer? Do you play with a controller? The only thing I recommend is restarting with a brand new mods folder if disabling it fixed your issue.
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    On the topic of Server Running Costs

    I was going to suggest a Donater Badge underneath the name of the user. Thoughts? Also, I can't find the donation page for lspdfr anywhere on the site. Is it hidden? I have to google search it : lspdfr donate https://www.lcpdfr.com/donate/
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    Hearable Character Radio Transmission

    Hello everybody, just having a quick question, is there a mod/plugin that is making the Radio call you are doing hearable ? I know that there is a Mod that is actually getting what you are saying over you mic and is controlling that way. I dont really wanna use this one YET.... I hope there is a way , as for me personally it feels like something is missing Thanks in Advance