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    Gump's WIP thread lmao

    Didn't forget about you guys...Border Patrol Tahoe was *done*....but, I can't get the skidplate to look right..only thing holding me back..Soon as I get it looking right,i'll get it to you guys.. Here is a new project I am working on..haha
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    Gump's WIP thread lmao

    Big shout out to officer underwood for the help! Heres what I got thus far!
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    The Javelin is done and set up with FHP's patterns. The skin needs adjusting and the interior needs work with the bumpmaps since they want to be a cunt before I work on the rest of the car. When the gear is in Drive https://i.gyazo.com/d1e81c4eee8b9b7d00f89c0a80b83f7a.mp4 When the gear is in Park https://i.gyazo.com/2fdf330ca19c16b35af6e3b8db247411.mp4
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    TurtleGod3000's DEV Parts WIP

    Had to remake some stuff so it's taken a few more days than expected, texturing and releasing these Setina thingys tomorrow (hopefully) lol
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    Oh I'm well aware of this. He can't keep my name out of his mouth lmfao. Nice lights though.
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    RECLUSE's Workshop

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    This is my second instalment of Throwback, this one is more common than the last, this one comes with the dash cam footage of the incident. This is more less of a training topic in this instance than an informational one, but the third instalment will be back to a more focus on training. PREFACE: Some of these were extracted from articles and knowledge and training files, I shortened it for you so you can understand it much easier and added some information which was left out. What happened previously? In February 1995, Kehoe and an accomplice, Daniel Lewis Lee, robbed the Tilly, Arkansas home of William Frederick Mueller, a gun dealer who had a large collection of weapons, ammunition and cash. Kehoe and Lee murdered Mueller, his wife Nancy Ann Mueller (nee' Branch), and his 8-year-old stepdaughter, Sarah Elizabeth Powell, and dumped their bodies in a swamp. Kehoe and his family took the stolen property to a motel in Spokane, Washington, by way of the Christian Identity community of Elohim City, Oklahoma. A 2 year manhunt ensued. Incident: It is a chilly afternoon in February, 1997, and Ohio Highway Patrol Trooper Harold Harker is on patrol doing stationary laser on Interstate 71 West of Wilmington, Ohio. Trooper Harker, a 26-year patrol veteran, spots a 1977 Chevrolet Suburban headed Northbound, and although the driver is driving 59 in a 65 mile per hour zone, Harker is suspicious. The male driver has a very wooden, stiff posture and does not glance at the trooper. However, the male passenger turns full swivel around to stare at Harket as they pass by. In addition, the vehicle has a single Washington State license plate, and Harker checks a license plate rundown he keeps above his visor. It confirms Washington is, indeed, a two plate state. For those reasons Harker decides to pull over the vehicle which he hopes will continue Northbound towards Columbus; in that direction is Trooper Harker’ s partner and canine handler. However, the driver veers East on State Route 73 into Wilmington where Harker makes the stop. Harker radios his stop and license information to dispatch and then proceeds to make the approach after the Suburban pulls over just inside the Wilmington, Ohio city limits on heavily-traveled State Route 73. The dispatcher notifies Harker that the license plate registration has expired. Harker approaches between his vehicle and the cruiser on the passenger side, and at first sees nothing amiss on a cursory look inside the Suburban. Neither driver nor passenger had i.d.; the passenger (Cheyne Kehoe) indicated the Suburban belonged to a friend in Washington State. Harker grew concerned, however, because now the roles between the two occupants reversed; the driver became very animated; the passenger very rigid. Harker played verbal judo to allow him time to assess but had made up his mind to ask the driver out for further interrogation. The motorist (later identified as Chevie Kehoe) stepped back with Trooper Harker, keeping his hands in his tight jean’ s pockets, wearing a loose fitting down jacket. Harker attempted a patdown of Kehoe’ s left side at which time Kehoe began exclaiming that he did not want to be violated. For the next several minutes Trooper Harker and Chevie Kehoe verbally joust with Harker exclaiming that Kehoe was “ going to sit in my car while I run these checks, sir...” During the escalating confrontation, Clinton County, Ohio Sheriff’ s Deputy Bob Gates drives past headed to a minor domestic call, and he noticed Trooper Harker (who had turned on his cruiser camera when he stopped the subjects). He exits his vehicle after notifying his dispatcher and falls in behind Trooper Harker to observe. Both Harker and Gates notice during this period, too, that the passenger (Cheyne Kehoe) had been moving about the Suburban and had even disappeared from view a time or two. Earlier in the day the rivets on Trooper Harker’ s belt which held his radio had broken and he had left his radio on the front seat of his cruiser. Gates’ decision to stop, therefore, was proving very timely. Harker gave Kehoe the choice of sitting in his cruiser while the Trooper made further checks or immediate arrest to which Kehoe responded he did not want any trouble and, again, did not ‘ want to be violated’ . Then, during a 20-30 second pause in the ‘ conversation’ , Kehoe suddenly turned and ran toward the driver’ s side of the Suburban. Deputy Gates and Trooper Harker ran towards the fleeing Chevie Kehoe, and Gates reached him first. Both men attempted to wrest Chevie Kehoe’ s arms from the door handle, and it actually appeared as if Kehoe were pushing in to the officers rather than escaping them for a time. Gates noticed also that passenger Cheyne Kehoe had his right arm underneath a jacket, and (as tunnel vision enveloped Deputy Gates) Cheyne started to pull a gun out from under the coat. Almost simultaneously Gates and Cheyne Kehoe fired at each other; Gates twice through a side window; Cheyne Kehoe once. Later, both Gates and Trooper Harker determined that Kehoe’ s round went right between the two officers. Trooper Harker later pulled glass from out of his hair and ear. Cheyne Kehoe exited the Suburban on the right side, and as Deputy Gates went around the engage him, Gates yelled “ Gun! Gun! Gun!” to alert Trooper Harker who was still attempting to contain Chevie Kehoe. Deputy Gates and Cheyne Kehoe fired numerous rounds at each other; Gates was armed with a .40 caliber Smith and Wesson; it was believed Kehoe was firing an undetermined make .40 caliber. Gates backpedalled as Cheyne Kehoe moved diagonally away from him towards a condominium complex and distant woods. The deputy fell near the left front of Trooper Harker’ s cruiser and could hear shoots zinging up from the pavement near him. Neither deputy nor subject was hit, although to this day Deputy Gates feels Cheyne may have been wearing body armor (and, therefore, may have been struck but was able to continue running). Deputy Gates chose not to fire at the back of the retreating Cheyne Kehoe, although Trooper Harker did fire twice over the top of the Suburban at the feeling Kehoe. Harker believes his second shot struck Kehoe, but there was never definitive proof that occurred. Meanwhile, Chevie Kehoe is screaming at Trooper Harker and begging him not to shoot him (Chevie), and Chevie is able to get into the Suburban and drive away. Trooper Harker admittedly had trouble getting his weapon from his holster (he believes because the holster was not conducive to weapons removal and motion; once the Trooper stopped moving he was able to immediately remove his weapon from the holster). Part of Trooper Harker’ s jacket also got caught in the door impeding his ability to stop Chevie’ s escape. Deputy Gates gives immediate pursuit of the fleeing Cheyne Kehoe; Trooper Harker fires once at the fleeing Chevie Kehoe and runs back to this vehicle preparing to give pursuit only to find he has a flat tire. Full Dashcam: Conclusion: Both Kehoes were apprehended several months later in the West. For his part in the attack on the officers, Cheyne (who at various times also spelled his name Shane) received a mandatory 24-year prison term without parole. Chevie was found guilty of conspiracy and three murders (of an Arkansas gun dealer, his wife, and 8-year old daughter the year prior to the Ohio police shoot-out). For those crimes a Federal jury in Little Rock sentenced him to life in prison without parole. Trooper Harker was armed with a .40 caliber Beretta; Deputy Gates had a .40 caliber Smith and Wesson. Both officers were wearing body armor. Among many items recovered from the Suburban: -Battle suspenders/belt with knife -Green plastic box containing 100 rounds of .308 ammunition -.45 caliber semi-automatic pistol loaded with six rounds of ammunition and one loaded .45 caliber magazine loaded with seven rounds of ammunition -Small bag of loose .45 caliber ammunition -F.B.I. logo baseball caps -Black raid jacket with Federal agent logo -Point Blank body armor plate -Face paint -Camouflage pants -43 loaded 30 round magazines of .223 caliber ammunition -45 boxes of .223 caliber ammunition -574 rounds of 9mm ammunition -15 10 round stripper clips of .223 caliber ammunition -2 green bullet resistant vests -1 loaded Glock 9mm pistol -2 loaded 9mm Glock magazines -1 U.S. Marshal’ s badge with belt holder -1 555 CS gas grenade -1 pepper blaster -3 cans of pepper spray -1 tan leather wallet containing a U.S. Marshal’ s badge ??It was later determined that Chevie Kehoe had a .45 caliber Glock in his jacket pocket and a .22 derringer under his belt buckle. Lesson Learned: *Make certain you always have the necessary back-up accessible. * Watch deadly hands. * Your next stop could be the bad guy-or guys. * Always signal out. * Target practice..Weapon proficiency is critical. * Inter-departmental radio communication is crucial. * Practice shooting and moving. * Most incidents take place in seconds, not minutes. Remember any Questions or Critiques will be much appreciated.
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    Now that iv had a chance to watch this, omfg. I am not a valor light bar fan, but that car looks amazing! I have had to modify my idea for an hp charger custom just because of this. Also that was a solid LT.
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    LSPDFR 0.4 - Epic Customization

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Units patrolling without the need for extra mods? I can now have Los Santos County Sheriff and LSPD? and both patrolling at the same time? Character customization, including a custom character, without Skin Control and EUP? SOMEONE PINCH ME!

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