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    Very nice, makes the game even more real for the user. 10/10
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    Why did you block me sad face also the marking on the back is messed up lol
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    This is a beautiful skin pack! Black/yellow has always gone well together, and this is an example of why. I'm going to be using Panos's BCSO pack permanently, so your pack will be getting a lot of use! Thanks for making this, and for doing my request.
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    love the car and really great lights
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    Gump, Please stop surprising us with these amazing releases
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    [SIREN] Whelen HHS2200

    This siren is just mean. Very clean and clear with the regular tone and then you went above and beyond to please psychos like me that like to go deaf and added an even louder option lol. Awesome job man
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    I love the idea of this truck, but the graphics could be a lot better. When I installed it, the truck had okay graphics, but the lights on the light bar wouldn't light up when it put them into the stages. Of course, this could be just the way I installed it. Overall, I love the idea of this, but I would just like to see some better graphics and better lights.
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    Never a surprise. Always great content
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