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    Fantastic skins, I can tell how much effort you put in the skins and it turned out brilliant. It's so simple yet so perfectly balanced.
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    Great Job On these Vehicles Vegas725 & Not AJ I Had Fun With Them!
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    C'EST BEAU ÇA! Je les avais déjà changé dans mon jeu, mais j'avais pas fais de backup et ils n'étaient pas aussi bien fait que ça! Pouce en l'air Le Tank!
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    Stockton PD Texture Pack

    Good Job On the texture, Really good job, I am from Stockton CA Myself and you got it all accurate, the cars, the texture was just done amazing.
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    Arizona DPS Ped Pack

    Love this Ped pack, well put together and looks great on patrol.
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    FIB Police Pack [Add-On]

    100/10 Now I can finally beat up IAA in style.
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    Trooper Southall

    LSPD (Phoenix Based)

    I want to start doing this more... I have been using your packs since I started, I especially love the Toronto Based pack, but this is my current city units and the level of detail is awesome. I love seeing these cars respond because their level of detail is awesome! It seems that you care about the quality of your product and it is rare nowadays. Keep it up!
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    Poorly made textures overall. Not much else to say. Asides, just from looking at the screenshots; the textures look a little blurry.