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    Version 1.0.0


    Western Australia Police Commodore Wagon Liveries By JayMullaz These skins are made specifically for MooseYTY's WAPOL Commodore Wagon, which can be found here: About: Included in this file are three liveries: - Generic WA Police General Duties markings - New high visibility General Duties markings - Special NAIDOC General Duties livery Terms: Do not reupload these skins anywhere. If you wish to have these skins edited, please contact me via PM. You have permission to use this in YouTube or TwitchTV content, as long as appropriate credit is provided. I would love to hear your feedback on the skins, and any possible improvements. If you have any questions or texture requests, feel free to contact me. Enjoy! - Jay
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    Version 0.9.5


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    Version 1.0.0


    * Highway Patrol skin for Caprice 1989 * - 2K - - With OPenIV replace 'caprice_sign_1' in 'POLICEOLD2.ytd' In this pack: by Jedahdiah
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    Version 0.80A


    MICHIGAN STATE POLICE 2014 Dodge Charger (Gumball) Presented By: officerpudding78 This model was made in the great state of Indiana. DETAILS Trying to stand out from the others? The best method is just to stick a gumball on it and you'll distract others just like that. DISCLAIMERS Even though this model depicts the 'Michigan State Police' Department's fleet, this replica is not intended to negatively affect the department. This model has no association to real life cops and/or other departments during its time of use. TOS By downloading this content, any force used to unlock models, deemed as 'ripping' is strictly prohibited. Authors and contributors to this model are not held accountable for damages. Consumers may not place this content on the market for 'personal benefits', including the intentions of personal profit. Uploading this content to other media outlets for Third-Party consumers is prohibited. Consumers may not upload the original thumbnails of released content, onto any other media outlet, without authorization. Consumers are allowed to upload their own images and videos of this content, onto any outlet without permission. ADDITIONAL NOTES Donations are not required to use any modifications or to increase product activity. I see donations as a voluntary act of kindness. All donations are greatly appreciated and set aside for future development! Feel free to shoot a message of interest. BYE, HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME!
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a San Andreas state police pack done in 4K and based off of New Mexico State Police. I called it DPS 'cause I also put in for you the Motor Transportation Division (i was in a good mood) and Mounted Patrol (not really part of DPS, but....). I've made a bunch of different versions, as much as I had the patience for in this first batch. Please be advised that although I was trying to replicate NMSP as closely as possible, everything I made is adjusted to my liking and hopefully you will like and enjoy the skins as well. Please do not rip-off and re-upload these textures. Have fun policing. In the pics among other:
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    Version 1.0.0


    Today I release a 2011 FHP CVPI. The base model is a custom mix using CJ24's CVPI as base & Olivia Benson's Grill & Wheel. An addition is the horn & airbag badges on the steering wheel and the fixed indicators noted by Heisenberg/RoegonTV & a couple of them ford forums. In action: https://youtu.be/ZwJhDDTbf_8 Based on: https://youtu.be/wSaDchTMTOE
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    Version 1.0.0


    This FHP pack contains the 15 Charger & 15 Tahoe that is currently in the FHP fleet with the lighting setup I know of from my trip of Florida.
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    Version 0.0.1


    Tahoe Hello, how are you This is the first design to me in a game Tahoe security roads Of course the car to its designer Mo I am listed on the exterior of the car This is the first design and the next best In action now: - More details of the car تاهو السلام عليكم كيف الحال هذا اول تصميم لي في اللعبة وهو تاهو امن الطرق طبعا السيارة مو انا الي مصممها انا عدلت على الشكل الخارجي على السيارة هذا اول تصميم و القادم افضل قيد العمل الان : - تفاصيل اكثر للسيارة model : https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/2015-chevy-tahoe-with-template
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hi everybody, My LSPD (LAPD Style) skin for 2013 Harley Davidson Electraglide. (Texture 2k) Thanks Thehurk for model 2013 CHP Harley Davidson Electraglide by Thehurk More informations here :
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    Version 1.00


    Just a CVPI or as I call this model... a CVSI based off of the CVPI Slick from Arma 3 Life as shown here ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK4_bbm7PZ4 & Video courtesy of TheNorthernAlex)

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