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    Madison Police Department

    No vehicle link? No vehicle model base? No in game screenshots? Not even a glimpse of the skin. Oh and no credits, and even that is surprising somehow. EDIT: Hey wait I know you. Your the doot noot who submitted that trash NYPD texture, and usually I wouldn't call you out and continue trash talking like this but considering you are the one who made, what is this, your 4th fake account now? Uploading bad textures then treating the community like a sack of dirt for giving you constructive criticism. So how long until this account gets deleted?
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    Command Cabinet

    Very nice. Thank you for sharing this with us within the community
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    These are stunning. I’m in love with them. Thank you for choosing my cars to texture
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    My home down. Must download.
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    Looks amazing. I live in NJ as well can you do Robbinsville Township next? That would be amazing!
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    Maine State Police Crown Vic Texture

    Indeed, yet again the FR community working GrEat wonders...
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    Thank you for your feedback! I've already made a 3 different packs over the course of 2 months, but I just never released them, they all need polishing up to do, I've been nearly done with the North Brunswick Police Department and Plainsboro Police Department, once those are polished up then they should be released by this weekend or even as early as tomorrow if I have the time! Thank you again for your feedback man, I appreciate it!
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    I fixed it. WinRAR decided to not put those in.
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    Slicktop Pack by Gump and Lildunkboi!

    Would it be possible to convert the Dodge Magnum to GTA 5, maybe even ELS enabled?