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    Yeah I agree. My favorite is also the "Standard Dispatch". I should say, that paired perfectly with this mod (if you're not using it already) is "XScanner". If you're not using it yet, PLEASE DO! The only thing I had to change with XScanner was the frequency at which the audio happens, and I turned up the volume a bit.
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    Captain Peanut


    I decided to download the second version of your mod earlier today (the "Standard Dispatch" version) and it is much better. Not nearly as loud as the other version. Sad to hear you are done with the mod, but honestly I don't even know what else you can add to it at this point that you haven't already
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    I'm sad to say no . Having to do everything file by file is what takes updates so long to do. I'm also sad to say I feel this mod is discontinued at this point. I've simply run out of content and ideas. Better to end it on a high note, rather than throwing random audio in lol.
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    I like both, but I prefer amber lights, especially with ELS. Even though they do nothing function wise, I like the roleplay aspect of just having TA on while at a crash scene, or pulled over, etc.
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    Thank you for doing this! It adds more definition for processing suspects in the game when they get arrested! I was updating some of my own definitions as well! So they match call out and ALPR hit violations!
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    Thank you for you comment, I also live in Albany and Wanted little like home sweet home.. I also have Albany Fire, Mohawk and Empire Ambulance available for download.. to help bring GTA to Albany. Also do Have Capital Land Taxi and CDTA Skins for the taxi and bus...
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    why any one as not come out with one of these yet
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    not too bad, just a few issues i have though.. the Lightbar Emissive colors need to be flipped the Red is on the Passenger side up front and blue on the Passenger side in the back vice versa with the driver side. so that's wrong..

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