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    Hi all, We have a few changes to the downloads system. I'll talk about the ones that are coming up, as well as changes which are on the horizion. The maximum file upload size is now 1GB, increased from 200MB. We aren't planning to increase this any further in the near future, and we will no longer grant exemptions for off-site file links. If your file still exceeds this limit, you are encouraged to split your file. .7z files will no longer be approved. This mostly stems from changes that we are wanting to make to our security systems to catch malicious and stolen files. Our staff will soon get the ability to unlist files. LCPDFR.com is a place for everyone, and everything. But people do upload files which serve little purpose than to be in-jokes to Discord communities, or deliberately trolling other members. This isn't fair to our other members who just want to see proper mods. Files which are unlisted will not be listed publically, won't be able to trend or be featured, but will be still be accessible by their direct link. Authors will be able to appeal this decision. Cyan.