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    Answers.s | for StopThePed

    please change the actual questions as well I am happy someone is doing this. thanks for sharing. instead of do you know why I'm stopping you put the reason I'm pulling you over is ....
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    CLEAN JUST CLEAN! @Jedahdiah would be proud haha! ANYWAY LOVE THE PACK! Especially with Jeds Cars!
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    Answers.s | for StopThePed

    I was exactly just thinking of doing this as well a couple days ago, nice! Gonna check it out!
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    San Andreas Pack

    How do you install this???
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    Can someone make/does anyone know of a Del Perro Police Department uniform?
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    Posted yesterday by Sam in a different thread.
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    Version 1


    This skin is for this model by DvHbadger enjoy!!!!!!!
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    Lifeguard Chevrolet Silverado

    From the album: San Andreas Pack

    All skins by RougeThunder!
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    LCPDFR and the Scripthook are not compatible with the recent unexpected GTA IV update. To make use of script modfications and LCPDFR again, we've compiled the following tutorial that will downgrade you to, the last version of GTA IV supported by the Scripthook. This tutorial will work with GTA IV and GTA EFLC. First, in your GTA directory, rename paul.dll to paul.original.dll. Go to this Rockstar support page and download the patch. GTA IV: https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/200145406--May-28-2010-Grand-Theft-Auto-IV-Patch-7-Title-Update-v-1-0-7-0-English-1-0-6-1-Russian-1-0-5-2-Japanese- GTA EFLC: https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/200145386-Grand-Theft-Auto-Episodes-from-Liberty-City-Title-Update-1-1-2-0-Patch-2- Extract the ZIP file to a new folder somewhere in your computer and run UpdateTitle.exe or (EFLC) setup.exe. After patching is complete, rename paul.dll to paul.old.dll. Rename paul.original.dll to paul.dll. Launch GTA IV. If all has went well, your GTA IV has been downgraded.
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    Code 3 RX2700

    From the album: Hilth0's Scratch made stuff.

    Scratch made by Hilth0, Will be given out to respective modelers. Based off of the one GFXLE used on his AST Expedition, Not sure if it was bxbugs, but yeah!

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