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    Version 1.0.1


    Unmarked 2000 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R by SCPDUnit23 This is my first model conversion from Forza Motorsport 4 to GTA V, the Unmarked version of the 2000 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R, a high-performance version of the Ford Mustang designed by Ford's Special Vehicle Team division. This car is designed to crack down illegal street races as a chase car while maintaining stealth. Template has been provided if you want to create your own liveries. All blue version of ytd and XML files also included (thanks to @Ezra). Disclaimer: Please do not redistribute and reupload this pack to any website or any other sources, including models, screnshots, and liveries without explicit written permission. FiveM and other multiplayer server use is allowed (except GTA Online). Installation: PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION ON THE INSTALLATION. 1. Use OpenIV and install the car mods to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday18ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf 2. Install the VCF ELS files under Grand Theft Auto V\ELS\pack_default 3. If the lights does not seem to be flashing, set the diffuse tint value to <diffuseTint value="0x00FFFFFF" /> in whatever car slot you replaced in vehicles.meta file. Known bugs: -Hands does not line up steering wheel. Please report any bugs as soon as possible!
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    Good Ole Chucktown

    From the album: Kilroy95's Models

    I am now starting a LSPD pack based on Charleston, SC Police. It will be as accurate as possible including most of their fleet (with the bases that are available) and their multiple designs. The vic is close to completion, it just needs some extra work done. You can see in the gif and rear image they use a split module liberty which is pretty unique.
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    Version 3.0


    This pack now also includes Blaine County Versions as per a request. I have updated this pack to (so far) cover most of the popular ELS vehicles. Inspired by Berrien County Sheriff's Department. Each LSSD skins comes with 3 regular patrol variations and 1 K9 variation. For now Blaine County versions come with 1 patrol and 1 k9 variant. RECOMMENDED MODELS (May also fit others) Compatible ELS Models 2013 Explorer - TwistedScopes / Thegreathah 2016 Explorer - Thehurk 2016 Explorer - Thegreathah / TwistedScopes 2013 Impala - SgtGoetz 2013 Tahoe - OfficerFive0 2014 Charger - Maurice97 2014 Charger - Windows446 2015 Charger - MrPotato / Gump 2016 Charger - Policesco 2015 Tahoe - Thegreathah 2015 Taurus - TwistedScopes 2016 Taurus - Thegreathah / Jumperman09 / Gump 2011 CVPI - TwistedScopes / OfficerFive0 2011 CVPI - BxBugs123 Silverado - Black Jesus ---------------------------------------------------- Normal Models 2009 Charger - Black Jesus 2013 Charger - Captain14 / Gump 2014 Charger - Carperino / Bxbugs123 2011 CVPI - Bxbugs123 2011 CVPI - Black Jesus 2013 Tahoe - Gump / Black Jesus / Captain14 2015 Tahoe - Captain14 2013 Explorer - Black Jesus / Thehurk 2016 Explorer - Thehurk 2014 Impala - Bxbugs123
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    Dude you deserve it I mean as soon I saw these I knew they had to go into my game. These are so awesome.
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    Hey man, try 'FUGITIVE' I'll change this in the new update
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    Performance Issues

    Of course you can roll back, there are no technical limitations in place to prevent you from using an old copy of 0.3.
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    From the album: V Junkyard

    Hunches Shoulders
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    List of police vehicles

    Are you referring to something like this? fbi (unmarked Bravado Buffalo 1st Gen) fbi2 (unmarked Declasse Granger) police (LSPD Vapid Stanier 2nd Gen) police2 (LSPD Bravado Buffalo 1st Gen) police3 (LSPD Vapid Interceptor) police4 (unmarked Vapid Stanier 2nd Gen) policeb (LSPD police bike) policet (LSPD police transport) policeold1 (North Yankton Declasse Rancher) policeold2 (North Yankton Albany Esperanto) pranger (Park Ranger Declasse Granger) riot (LSPD/NOoSE Riot) sheriff (LSSD Vapid Stanier 2nd Gen) sheriff2 (LSSD Declasse Granger) (Credits go to Police car mods: the whys and hows, and troubleshooting)

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