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    From the album: PopSmokeDesigns

    I Laugh at my Own Jokes... Its Pathetic.
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    From the album: Random GTA 5 pics

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    From the album: Random GTA 5 pics

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    Uploaded files cannot be downloaded

    Please try the new 'backup CDN' option. Please note that to protect our service, using the backup CDN option you will only be able to download one file at once, with a 1MB/s cap.
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    I have long enough arms to do it comfortably, it's just more of an annoying factor then a comfort-ability thing lol. All I would need to do is get a new desk and my problems would be solved
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    From the album: WIP

    Module emissive test
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    EUP changes its skin

    This topic has been moved to GTA V Support.
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    Machete Man In London Train Station

    Liberal-minded in my opinion when a significant and dangerous offense gets a slap on the wrist and good wishes for whatever odd reason. I fail to see how this relates to his mental states and appropriate measures. If he's mentally ill, I hope he can be helped.
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    M&P 40, and a M&P 9 would be sick. My favorite service pistols.
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    HOW TO: Avoid Rockstar Updates

    If you wanna play this without updating your GTA and you have the Disk version. Do what he does in this video, just use your GTA5 files instead and be sure to remove those rules when you wanna update your GTA again. I did this and you can then play in Offline mode on GTA5 Disk version.

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