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    With all the talk about LSPDFR 0.4, it's been a little while since we've provided a general update on our community. Of course, LSPDFR 0.4 is our main priority at the moment and we'll have more to say about it shortly, but we thought it important to also address and announce a couple of things regarding our community. What our Community stands for Before anything else, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on who we are, as people that run this website, and as a community. LCPDFR was founded, back in 2009, simply because I thought it'd be a fun thing to do. To play as the police in GTA IV. It was an idea, ambitious for its time, and nothing more. I worked on LCPDFR because it was fun, I published it because I thought others might also enjoy it. LCPDFR has come a long way since then, it has evolved from one person's topic on a forum, to its own website, to its own forum, to its own community. We've spanned two games, our reach has grown massively, our community is approaching 300,000 registered members. The amount of work that goes into developing LSPDFR alone is staggering - the time that we've spent on it is measured not in days, weeks or months, but years. Likewise, the effort required to keep our website online is vastly underestimated - in the past month we've served around 30 terabytes of download traffic alone, and have done all of this despite persistent, targeted denial of service and hacking attacks against us. To put this in context, if you were to serve 30 terabytes of data through Amazon Web Services, it'd cost you $3,000 a month - and that's just one month of download traffic. Why do we do this? Because it's fun. We love developing our community, we love developing our mod, and we love that other people - complete strangers, from all over the world, from countries you've probably never heard of, from all walks of life... we love that they love LSPDFR. Our community has achieved incredible things: we've created an entire gaming phenomenon and we've developed things that nobody ever thought would be possible. Our members have done more than simply play games or make mods: we've fought hand-in-hand against corporate giants (and won), we've transformed peoples' entire lives by sparking new careers and we've been covered everywhere from massive YouTube channels to mainstream media publications. Heck, we've even triggered out of touch government ministers in Australia. That's not the whole story, though. Sometimes we are the story. Sometimes we make mistakes. We've had catastrophes, like the time where we had a hyped countdown on the website only to reveal a private testing version of LCPDFR that nobody could access. Our first ever livestream had to be rescued by Steve and Jeff after it started with Prophet driving a train around Los Santos and infamously stating "this is not the preview for LSPDFR 0.3" while our community manager could do nothing but watch helplessly after being accidentally disconnected. We've messed up releases, we've announced things too quickly, and sometimes we've not announced things at all. Yet, despite all of this. Nine years later, we're still here. We're still making mods, we're still developing this community, and we've stuck true to our principles the entire time: Our community is open to all. We treat members equally regardless of their status. Everything is completely free of charge, with no catches. Why? It's not about fame, it's not about money, it's not about status. It's about love. We love LCPDFR, we love LSPDFR, and we love our community. We don't think that modding should be hidden in private Discord servers. We don't think that modding should be something people pay for. We don't think that modding should be an ego boost. We just think that modding should be fun. It should be open, and it should be free. That's what we stand for, and that's what we do. How you can get involved Last year, we opened up applications to join our Community Team for the first time. This resulted in a couple of new faces joining our moderation team and upon reflection, we think it's a good change in approach from previously handpicking staff members ourselves. We've decided to open these applications again, and would invite anyone who is interested in volunteering some of their free time to moderating our community to apply by following the link below. Our volunteer Community Moderators are a vital part of everything that we do, and it wouldn't be possible to maintain the community without them. To find out more and to submit an application, please visit: http://lcpd.fr/staffapp
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    Version 1.0.0


    This model isnt in the best condition considering its a Driver San Fransisco model. But however I tried everything I could to improve the quality of it. So I hope you guys like it.
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    24 Hour Service

    From the album: Michigan Mega Pack

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    Just to clarify as I don't want to mislead, that was just an example of how much it would cost if we used AWS (which we don't as Cyan is a systems administration extraordinaire). Still, a website as big as ours doesn't come cheap. There's a lot of other things like software licensing and costs for mitigation when people hit us with denial of service attacks. It's not really something that we want to make a big deal about as we'd rather just get on with things, though.
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    From the album: Vintahshs

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    I've said it once before here, I bought a gaming computer because of this mod alone. I'll never be able to put into words how much I appreciate this mod, the creators, and the members for what they do to help and create content. One of the best communities I have been apart of
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    Arizona DPS Ped Pack

    Love this Ped pack, well put together and looks great on patrol.
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    Leaving for a While

    All I'm going to say from this front is that if you yourself have not been mistreated by staff, it's probably best not to post hearsay about it happening. For all you know that member could've broken rules and been disgruntled, deciding to cry abuse - which does happen. Please don't stir the pot, especially when it's a third party claiming and there's no proof to back it up. The last thing we need are people falsely believing staff are dicks.
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    Charleston PD Based

    From the album: Kilroy95's Textures

    An upcoming pack based on Charleston PD.