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    Walters' WorkShop | Too Many Things

    @Doug1637 @Trooper Pippy Alright, as much as I didn't want this to devolve into a full on argument I see your points and I'll stop. This isn't the place for it. @Walters If you need some help hit my line.
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    From the album: 2019

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    I'm sorry to hop in here when I don't have any room to, but the fact a bunch of young ADULTS are in here arguing about cars for a game is pretty pathetic. You then, have the people who take the sides of their friend, and like their post on this forum as if that's even needed. How about instead of arguing you two settle this bullshit and get back to whatever it is you guys do. Seriously, this is why the community here is so shit! IT'S A GAME; a G A M E. To t0y: I love your mods and what not, but if you're making your own NYPD pack, stay the fuck off here and go make yours, as it'll obviously be much better than this by your comments. To Walters: If your pictures here are a work in progress and not by any means completed work, why are you commenting to what anyone says about your work? You're basically instigating an argument and if this is what's gonna happen, then you two take this horse shit to DMs. I don't mean to try and sound rude by either party here but this is actually bullshit-- REGARDLESS OF WHO IS IN THE RIGHT/WRONG!
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    Officer Wade

    Avsports23 • LSPDFR Series

    Good to see you back Avs
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    So coming into my discord server with an alt account and getting people to talk about you and then join with your real account and call people out and call them shit and say my stuff is garbage wasn’t enough for you so you come to my showroom to complain some more? Why dont you give ways on how I can approve instead of complaining and talking straight trash and acting like you’re above man kind. Did you not see what the interior was like before? And I’m still not even done. I had a guy scratch model two laptops and keyboards and you come and tell me that it needs work. It’s a pretty damn big improvement from the inital release.
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    Corrupt Data Message

    I have the same exact problem too and I do not know why is that happening!!!! it only crashes when I try to load LSPDFR UPDATE:: I deleted the police cars I recently installed then everything was working perfectly
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    On the road again.

    From the album: Rogue's Photos

    © RogueThunder

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    bloom zoom

    From the album: My WIP's

    © RogueThunder

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    Version 2.0.0


    Files Included Livery Vehicle list Pictures Credits Credits Livery by MrOxPlay. If you are feeling exceptionally generous, a small donation would be much appreciated Please do not upload these to any website without my consent. Uploaded: 1 minute ago

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