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    From the album: HAH's Hoes

    © thegreathah

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    [ELS] Ohio State Highway Patrol Pack

    I love this pack, the attention to detail, & Just the entire OHP liveries. I love it. I hope one day someone will make a SAHP based version.
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    Become a trooper..

    From the album: Random

    Recruiting at the local University today @Gump nice tahoe man fits perfect!
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    Why not start learning how to make callouts then and pursue some of these ideas yourself? It takes time and effort to make callouts, and most devs already have more ideas than time to implement them. If you really want to see a particular callout, making it yourself is the best way to see that happen.
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    From the album: SA police

    (still a W.I.P.)
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    The Dark Night

    From the album: SA police

    More pics of the Vespucci PD units.
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    GTAIV 2015 03 16 17 06 49 85

    From the album: Alderney County Sheriff

    ACSO Week 8 , Recruit Diary. Firearms training. Here we can see Cadet smith under the instruction of Sgt Marks on the proficient use of the Glock 17. Firearms safety training is key skill the cadets will have to grasp. Each cadet will undertake 6 skill shoots, all pass or fail. Should the cadet fail any of the shoot they will be allowed one resit, failing that they will leave the Academy. Each Cadet is assigned a Firearms instructor on a one to one basis to make sure the cadet receives the best training they can. The weapons the cadets are using now will be their service weapon if they achieve the status of deputy.
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    Day 1

    From the album: Alderney County Sheriff

    Recruit Diary Day 1 - Sheriff's Office Orientation begins for our new recruits seen here lined up on their first official day within the department. The Sheriffs office training facility opened up its doors this week to the first 30 Recruits, taken from all walks of life, traveling as far from Las Vegas to join the department. The recruits have been split down into squads of 10 This is the first intake of Deputies for the ACSO since the budget cuts 4 years ago. The ACSO is looking to recruit 100 new Deputies to serve the County of Alderney. Life will begin to get very difficult for the new recruits for the next 25 weeks of department training , we will follow the recruits progress from start to finish.