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    Did someone order a tiller?

    From the album: medic4523 Screenshots

    This model is still very much a WIP... but it's finally in a presentable fashion.
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    From the album: W.I.P

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    From the album: POLICIA ARGENTINA GTA V

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    Unmarked Mercedes CLS

    Dude, thank you so much, it's looks great.
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    Cranston Police Ped Pack

    This pack is sick, love the blue touch on the black uniforms. Makes LSPD look real clean and official. Also thanks for the super specific readme's. Im not the best with installing stuff but u made it easy so thank u.
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    Changing The Driver Peds

    Yes, however do note that this only applies to the ambient police. For example, if you come up on "police2" leaving the police station, you will see highway cop driving it. But, if you call for backup, it will be LSPD. This can be changed in the backup.xml.
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    New MDT

    From the album: RangerRick's GTAV WIPs

    Now featuring a new, true to life MDT screen. A big to the Accurate Studios crew for making this possible and helping me out the entire way. Namely Kane104, EVI, and CJ24. Five0, and Neon have been other huge helps.

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