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    The only thing i miss with LSPDFR is the scenario when the suspect shoots at you when you approach the vehicle at a traffic stop. I liked this with LCPDFR because you never knew what will happen.
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    Law Packs+

    Version 3.0.7


    What is Law Packs+? Law Packs+ Is an Expansion for Computer+ What is Computer+? Computer+ Is a Police Computer Mod made by @PieRGud that gives you amazing immersion into a criminal database. You can Run License Plates, Check ID's, write Traffic Citations, and write Arrest Reports. Why Should I Download This One?LawPacks+ was made to add more Citations and charges for a more in depth experience. I aim for accuracy in all of my packs. USA+ is a general US law. Canadian Eh+ Is As accurate as possible, INCLUDING the recent legalization of Cannabis. It is up to date with the laws and fines as provided by the Manitoba RCMP (Fine amounts may vary by province). I am always looking at ways to add more citations and charges by running the newest and most popular callouts to find any missing charges and citations Current Expansions: Want to see something added? https://goo.gl/forms/l7r2V1kHSTVhOxl43 Fill out this quick form! Discord Benefits: Report Bugs & Crashes Request any Laws you would like to see. Help test and check accuracy on packs If this interests you, Click the Discord Image Disclaimer: You do NOT have my permission to: Edit Re-Upload Modify Click here to join the Canadian Law Enforcement Development discord Server >> https://discord.gg/Hcpt93e
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    Sorry what I meant by "cleaning up" is not having or allowing so many mods to be submitted that aren't worthy ( I say that with as much respect as possible) so that there is less "clutter" in a way. The sorting works very well, it's just that there is so much to choose from it's overwhelming and certainly is for first timers. I wish there was a best of the best section for xCar Model, or xUniform or xwhat have you. And then the rest can have their own section if people choose to download and try them. Not trying to bash peoples efforts AT ALL or tell you guys how to run your website. Please don't take it that way. You do sort of have that in a way, which is the essential mods section. And yes I hear you about the INI's. The reason I bring that up is because in order to submit a mod on a website called Blackhole Motorsports (long gone) you had to have your README'S in order or else you couldn't submit it or in the least it would be deleted until it was properly edited. That's ok, for the most part they are quite easy to follow, once you get used to the frequent "paths" needed to install cars, textures etc. And thank you for the info about being able to stop a suspect or ped in question.
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    Emergency uniforms pack - Serve & Rescue

    @Alex_Ashfold what are your thoughts on expanding the fire uniforms to include white shirts (and collar brass) for battalion, deputy, and fire chiefs?
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    Superbowl Parade

    Lmao, you a pats fan? You guys played a great game though.
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    Whoever did this, it did amazing job

    From the album: WIP

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    I don't think that you'll be able to customise the uniform like in EUP, it's just a character creator and will probably use the Online police uniform.
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    fucking horrible *proceeds to put it in game*
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    Version 1.0.0


    This skin is for the fpiu by thehurk.