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    An Aging Fleet

    From the album: Termination Media

    And an aging problem, according to the Fire Chief in Elk Grove. The fire engines are beginning to fall apart. In a somewhat humorous, classic Hollywood style moment, the Elk Grove Fire Department was called to an automatic fire alarm in one of the service districts, and upon arrival, the driver opened his door, and, much to their surprise, the door fell right off of the hinges. "The fleet is unbelievably old." says Mike Ocksuge, Fire Chief in Elk Grove. "There's not many options out there in the market. We're unfortunately stuck with the stock fire trucks." He says that there are other trucks out there, but, the city just can't use them. "They're in a private market. Making them very difficult to get." Casual picture just pointing out that we really need better fire truck models in GTA V, or, ya know, for ya good friend DukSezQuak and his Elkridge project.
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    Version 1.0a


    How to get 2nd livery to work: Go to vehicles.meta in (mods), update, update.rpf, common, data, levels, gta 5 and extract it to desktop. Press CTRL + F and search for which slot you replaced (ex: sheriff2, police2, etc). When you find that scroll down and look for <flags>_________</flags> line. Add this to the line to the very right: FLAG_HAS_LIVERY Make sure it has a space before it. and it should look something like this: <flags>Sum_gay_flag *SPACE* another_flag *SPACE* FLAG_HAS_LIVERY
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    Please elaborate to the class on what exactly a taser failure is. The purpose of the taser, to my understanding, is to demobilize the suspect and make them easier to detain. If the taser fails—wouldn't a taser failure imply that it's too late for any other alternative at that point? If the taser failed and officers are now required to resort to lethality, wouldn't it already be too late? An officer is already either hurt or killed at that point because the inefficiency of the taser resulted in a lethal solution. By that time–someone's already hurt. Lol funny how everyone always scatters when numbers are pulled. I wish bug spray worked as well as facts did.
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    What if he had heart problems, and died due to the taser?
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    LSPDFR Constant crashing

    Quick update! so i removed arrest manager and it hasn't crashed so far! From 5:53 to 6:24... although i cant use the police radio i will try to remove the traffic policer and see what results from there! im just glad it didnt crash the entire time so far!
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    Sandy Shores PD

    looking nice, but I would suggest using another font than comics sans.
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    RCMP Mega Pack

    From the album: RCMP MegaPack

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    Goin' west

    From the album: Califrornian Law Enforcement pictures

    © Scuderio

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    RCMP MegaPack

    wow! that looks good.....kinda hooked on nypd though....lol
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    RCMP Mega Pack

    From the album: RCMP MegaPack