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    Terror Emergency in Las Vegas, NV

    Update: 59 dead, 530 Injured. Apparently a lot of people were injured being hit by vehicles trying to flee the shooting. The gunfire audio is horrible to listen to, my thoughts and prayers go out to the people effected and the people of Las Vegas. Anyway my thoughts on various things, we talked about it in school a bit but anyway first of all I think it is 100% a terror attack regardless of where he is from and his race etc. Domestic terror I guess would be a better term, honestly he is just a pussy. Hiding on the 32nd floor of a hotel room and firing upon innocent people, and then killing himself in the end not even giving the officers the satisfaction of ending his worthless life. Why couldn't he have killed himself before ending 59 other lives and ruining hundreds more. But anyway major props/respect goes out to the first responders and the officers who ran towards the gunfire helping out people, and I hope that makes people look better upon law enforcement. Still a major tragedy and yeah, that is what I think about it thanks good night. I guess this little paragraph was all over the place but yup.
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    Terror Emergency in Las Vegas, NV

    Good professional and well thought out response, I really really wish half of my country thought like this at least.
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    From the album: John's Workshop

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    From the album: GTAV - PC

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    LIVE: Multiple active shooters, multiple officers shot, 10's of civilians injured at Mandalay Bay, other hotels in Las Vegas. Many false 911 report calls of shots fired. 1 suspect down in Mandalay Bay, possible explosive device identified. LVMPD, NHP, HPD, NLVPD, CCPPD, and other state and federal agencies on scene. https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/21038/web https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/21204/web
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    I support the discussion of possible motives but baseless conspiracies are precisely that, conspiracies that make absolutely no sense. Here's what we know. The suspect is an elderly white male adult from Mesquite, NV - approximately 85 miles away. The suspect was negative NCIC and negative SCOPE - he had a clean record. The suspect was possibly with another female, who Metro is currently looking for. The suspect killed himself when Metro breached his door. Room was discovered due to fire alarm sounding from weapon smoke. There is no mention of possible religious or extremist involvement as of right now. This could be just a man going insane and deciding to take it out. However, I feel that this was planned months, or even years, in advance. It is a terrorist attack, bar none, based on the casualties and tactics that this man took last night in his savagery. Regardless of the motive, this attack is the deadliest mass shooting event in US history, and it was on a massive tourist location.
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    Skins look fantastic! Keep up the good work!
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    Since there seems to be a fair amount of interest I will now be looking for people to help me test the plugin to find bugs, thank you all! I will reply to messages for those interested. Please try not to flood my inbox though lol.
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    "scene lights work as they should for me"
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    Ya Like....

    From the album: My GTA V Fleet