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    From the album: thegreatHAH's Screenshots

    Two LSPD units and one Sheriff unit on scene of a robbery in a local gas station.
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    From the album: GTAV WIPS

    So far the dept is getting flushed out. Just added the explorer to their arsenal of vehicles. Skin for this model is all done, onto the next.
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    Chicago PD FPIU

    From the album: GTA IV Photos

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    From the album: West Valley Designs junk

    Fixed a few bugs, made the base a bit more accurate.

    © West Valley Designs

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    Vancouver Police Skin Pack

    Version 1.1.1


    The fading is better now, the screenshots do not represent the final product. From the Vancouver Police Department, in Canada. With Vancouver completely replacing all of their police cars by 2017 and with Captain14's amazing car pack, I feel like this is the perfect moment to make a new Vancouver skin pack. But, not everyone is happy with this change; "This vehicle makeover makes them seem more militarized and aggressive, critics says. Police services across the country, including Vancouver and Calgary, are replacing their aging fleets with cars painted in darker hues, like Toronto’s switch from white with red and blue stripes, to dark grey with white reflective lettering." Read more about this Also, enjoy these amazing screenshots because I watched a video on YouTube so I'm basically a pro photographer now. _______________________________________________________________________ USE WITH THIS Also, I recommend you use this for the best experience: _______________________________________________________________________ DO NOT RE-UPLOAD WITHOUT MY PERMISSION
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    Crashes upon launch

    Hello, I have recently re-installed Grand Theft Auto V including LSPDFR. For some odd reason, when I launch via Rage Plugin Hook, the game crashes as soon as it begins to load with the error 'Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working'. I have no idea why or how to fix this issue. If anyone could lend me a hand, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm running the latest versions of LSPDFR, RPH and ScriptHookV on Windows 10.
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    2013 Taurus

    From the album: Sheriff WIP Project

    Right now I am making a sheriff pack including a 2013 Tahoe, 2015 Charger, and 2013 Taurus but, I haven't decided what department to do. please leave suggestions.
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    From the album: Random Patrol Stuff

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    Ambush on the Highway

    From the album: John's Pics