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    WIP 2014 Ford Explorer

    From the album: Works in Progress

    Well I am so happy with this car. I have two bugs to fix then this should be done. Gonna try to go over the cars this week and make sure they're good to go so you all can have them this coming weekend. Big thanks to @GTAxB0SS for giving me his tires since I didn't have permissions for the old ones. I hope you all enjoy this pack once it's out as much as I do! More shots here!
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    From the album: GTA-V Escapades

    The Federal Signal Integrity featuring a full forward facing flood/takedown mode
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    LSFD Captain car

    From the album: West Valley Designs misc Screenshots (because the other album is screwed up)

    It's a test car for the lightbar.

    © West Valley Designs

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    From the album: Sheriff's Dept.

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    Getting Dusty 'n Dirty

    From the album: 0taku media

    Got the dirt mapping done for the Express first time doing it too, Thanks to TheHurk for telling me some tips with dirt mapping.
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    xbox 360

    This mod is only for PC.
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    Notifications Vanishing

    I think it was broken this update (I've only observed this happening recently), so hopefully there's a fix in the next one.
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    J T

    surge drill

    From the album: lcpd