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    Recently saw this on a few Police pages on facebook. Had some strong feelings from people on it. Some saying that they shouldn't do it, it was dumb to make it a music video. Shoulda showed real officers being hit or vehicles being smashed into to show the serious-ness. And then some comments saying it was great for them to do that as an awareness video. Thoughts? Feelings?
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    Sheriff Fleet.jpg

    From the album: Policewomen

    This it s my Sheriff Fleet Riverside County Sheriff and Los Santos Sheriff Department
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    2013 was when the ps4 came out, they manufactured ps2s until the ps3 was an almost previous gen console,
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    RPH 37/38 Crashing

    You should put all this stuff in spoilers, it takes forever to scroll down.
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    CG Blaze

    Barstow Police Lightbar

    From a brief search, it appears that Barstow uses a variety of lightbars on their vehicles. The one in the picture your posted is for sure a Whelen Liberrty, and what's more is that it looks like it's a custom build of some kind. It seems that the older units used Code3 X2100's, while the newer units use the Liberty's or clear-topped FedSig Legends. The newest units (Charger's) are using FedSig Valor bars. Again, this is just what I've gathered from the few pictures I've been able to find through a quick Google search. Hope it helps!
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    From the album: Bxbugs123's V Images

    © HighSpeed Designs

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