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    Looking for drugs.

    From the album: Police work all over the world! [SerekgPL GTA V imagines]

    Where the hell is the K9 Unit?!
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    Where the **** is my backup?!

    From the album: Los Santos Views

    Pinned down and injured, Officer Rostova tries her best to stay alive until backup arrives. 6-Xray-13 please advise arriving units suspects have automatic weapons
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    From the album: RDE Screenshots

    © Realism Team

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    I was wondering if anyone could create a vehicle pack for me of Prince William County Police vehicles? You can look up pictures of the vehicles. Let me know if you are able to.
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    Graffiti Callout

    To all of the talented programmers and coders out there, can you create a call out for a person doing graffiti in-progress? I think that would be pretty cool.
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    NYPD Siren Pack

    Is anyone in development of a NYPD siren pack with rumblers and stuff would really love it!
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    [REL] Safer Chases

    Sorry for the abandonment period. I've updated this script for LSPDFR 0.3.1 and improved performance a bit.
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    I checked to make sure that website is valid and it is so yeah it will work. If you're paying 60.00 dollars for it then it's a legit game.
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    From the album: BeastyBill88's Gallery

    LSPD stopped a hit & run driver who is arrested and transferred to the custody of the LSSD.

    © Images by BeastyBill88

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