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    Have you ever felt merciful towards a person riding in the back of your cop car. Or have you ever developed a special bond with a person who is getting in trouble for something small wouldnt it be great to be able to let some people go as a cop. I think that the option to choose as a cop is very important not all need to be jailed just thought a lesson. i would love it if the creator of this mod or another included a way to clear your arrests and whatnot so the suspect can walk away free and blessed. we all need that
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    I love you @dbock1989
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    LSPD Ford Crown Victoria

    Instructions to install. Go to the directory which you installed the car mod, double click, crown.ytd (it's description is texture dictionary), scroll down to cvpi_sign_1 click replace and select the .png from this download (or any other texture) MAKE SURE EDIT MODE IS ENABLED
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    Black&White Template Pack

    I'm gonna update this file in 3h
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    You replace the both the carvariations and the .meta file The .meta file is found here \mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpluxe2\dlc.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5 Go back to the beginning and follow it for the fastest/easiest way xD
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    I just updated again to add the spotlight I forgot to add to the model. and now all of my cars spawn with sa exempt plates, make sure you update all of your files. carvariations.meta and vehicles.meta
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    thanks for doing this
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    Very nice work my man!
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    2015 Dodge Charger RT Police

    Hi, I Love this car, and it works great, but I have noticed a few bugs, which I don't know if only myself or if other people are experiencing. First, even during the day the middle part of the rear light bar is always on. Second, the white lights are being used as brake lights instead of the rear light bar. Third, The indicator on either side does not show during the night. (I don't know whether this is a car problem or an Improved Corona... problem, I have edited the Improved Corona so the indicators are not on during night.) I think there has been comments about this already but the doors don't have any sounds to them, and they don't react to physics (breaking off, moving while turning.) I don't know whether there is a fix to any of these problems, but I thought I'd let you know for when you're making patches to this car, again I am loving this car, good work :D

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