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    File Guidelines

    File Guidelines Every part and contribution must be properly credited, and may only be used with permission granted by the author before upload. For car mods, this includes: Origin of original vehicle: Original game, and those who helped convert it. Texture creator(s). Credits for every single part (rims, computer, centre console, lightbars, lights, spotlights, antennas, etc). Credits should be entirely complete. "Unknown" authors are not permitted. File updates must be published as updates, not brand new submissions. At least one in-game or OpenIV screenshot is required. For texture, car or ped packs, every vehicle, skin or ped must be shown in the screenshots. However, if there's one valid screenshot plus a detailed video in the description showing every component, that's generally okay. The main screenshot on any file should always depict the mod itself. Real-world images, while not prohibited if in game shots accompany them, should not be the main image. Do not upload packs containing mods not created or edited by yourself. Do not upload improper file types in the wrong categories (no weapons in vehicle models, etc.). If uploading a pack of files you made yourself, create separate submissions for each type (vehicles, weapons, etc.). When uploading texture submissions, do not include the model that they are made for (only a link instead), and include only the raw texture (in png, bmp, jpg, etc. format). Do not upload wtd or ytd files. Do not upload executable files, unless absolutely necessary. For example, you should never use a self-extracting .exe archive, or an installer, for Vehicle Models and Vehicle Textures. OIV files are okay. Do not upload on behalf of another person -- work you upload must be contributed to in some way by yourself. Reviews must contain a valid review text (No "1 star" comments and so fourth). Reviews may only be made after you have downloaded and used the file. File reviews should relate directly to the item at hand. Comments written as reviews, and off topic posts, will be removed from the Reviews section of files. Do not just upload text files with a link to the file elsewhere, without written prior agreement from LCPDFR.com Management. Files must be uploaded to LCPDFR.com, and cannot be simply text file links to off-site content. Contact @Cyan if your file exceeds the maximum file size, or you're having issues uploading your file. The following are forbidden from being uploaded to or shared on our network: Files and tools which we deem to be malicious in nature, such as spyware, adware, viruses and other inappropriate content. Game modifications or other files which interfere with or otherwise adversely affect the game or the playing experience for yourself or others. Any other content which we deem poses a threat or risk to our services, members or communities.

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