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    Project 50 States - Alabama

    Did you get permission to re-upload the models? If so, where are the credits or proof that you did? Maybe some screenshots of the models with your skins would be nice.
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    If you've ever taken an "armed suspects" pursuit call in 0.2, you know what I'm talking about. They drive super fast - to the point where you'll take about 8 minutes to catch up, or lose them right away if you didn't call air support. They shoot at ridiculously long range. Seriously, holy hell, they have pinpoint accuracy at 300 meters with their pistols while we have to drive right up on them to hit anything. They have too much health; you can post up with an M4 and fire as they approach, but unless you sink about 3 headshots on the driver, the only result is that they murder you as they swerve around your car. Any way you look at it, they're too difficult. And the AI support units suck at this job. Somehow, with the criminals popping off homing super death rounds like they're going out of style, the NPC cops just drive doggedly behind, absorbing rounds until they tumble out of their cruisers stone dead. No shooting back at all, no setting up roadblocks, nothing. And most of the time they're not even a sufficient distraction - the criminals will fire past 3 cruisers to hit the player. The only way to get some reprieve is to use "Local SWAT" and hope they send Police Transporters with their bulletproof windshields. And to anyone who's about to reply "lol call in NOoSE Air Support" - get lost. That's not how you take down suspects, and it's also not a challenge. NOoSE Air = Press Enter to win. I want more realism, not just a way to insta-kill the bad guys. I know the mod team is probably aware of police tactics, and I hope you guys will adjust the scenarios and AI to be more conducive to realistic tactics. For everyone else, if you want to see why I'm complaining, hit YouTube and search for dash cam videos where the suspects fire back at cops. Notice that they almost never hit anything important, and that if the cops maintain a bit of distance while following, the criminals don't waste ammo trying further. Notice that the cops sometimes fire back from their passenger windows. Notice that spike strips are used, and that the chases almost always end when the criminals crash into traffic. If one or more of these things were the norm in LSPDFR, it would go a long way toward making these calls fun instead of immersion-breaking and impossibly balanced. I'm enjoying the mod so far and looking forward to seeing what's in store.
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    War Thunder British Tanks

    Yep, ya heard it here. British tanks coming to War Thunder. @Illusionary beat you to it, bastard :^) There is not a date of to when the tanks will be coming, but at the bottom of the page, it does say "Already this year in War Thunder!" http://warthunder.com/en/devblog/current/803
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    Project 50 States - Alabama

    Based off of the best resolution pictures that I could find, this is what, I went with best accuracy that I could find, and personally, the older cars look nicer in my opinion.
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    Project 50 States - Alabama

    Yea I don't know how other people are but I know I never download anything without seeing a screenshot of the work.
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    It's just nitpicking at the moment from you, it's not game-breaking. And you are playing LSPDFR, playing as the LSPD - One of the most violent police forces in the world. It's not surprising they throw insults left and right. At the moment, we are focused on fixing the core stuff, and then add more features.
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    GTA V hangs

    hmm, your config file seems to be right. so you shouldn't be experiencing that warning. the only problem would be a plugin (and judging by the log i say it's wilderness callouts)
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    Corrupted file

    You need to put your changes in a mod folder with openIV Or it will keep trying to fix your files every time you launch. Check out the OpenIV website for instructions.
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    Based on the Older style Gardena Police Cruisers
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    Hey guys, I don't know if you are like me, But i like having a new, good looking car when I play. It looks way more realistic, because again we are playing LSPDFR for realism right? Well anyways this is VERY simple, and Im sure some people know, but for those people without Triainers, etc. This could come in very handy. All you have to do is press the "~" key on you're keybaord and type "TURTLE" It will fix you're car completely! Enjoy