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    Ready for a new challenge

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    These Volvo's are getting ready for a release... :D

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    Prisoner transport/handling

    Id like to see a specific transport van arrive using a GUI and the current in game police van.
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    Unknown Author

    SJSD New Unit Set

    From the album: My Fleet

    Finally, SJSD receives their new patrol units that are 95% of the lights are set to a MC option. Car by Scarlatti Skin By Me ENB by Stinkace2 All private
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    Donation buttons are now live.
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    Policing in America

    I said I can't think of a case off the top of my head, I'm sure if I went digging around I could find one that I thought was fishy. And the reason I don't doubt their version of events is because there was evidence or witness testimony backing up what they said. The "witnesses" in the Ferguson case were lying and they were caught lying so yes, I didn't believe them but that was because they didn't back up the officer I didn't believe them because they were caught in a lie. So yes, you are wrong for lumping me in with that crowd, next time pick a case where the so called "witnesses" didn't lie out their ass. Did Zimmerman have any reason to believe he was a robbery suspect? No, he just saw a black kid in a hoodie that he didn't recognize and just assumed he was a robbery suspect. If a police officer did that I would think the same thing. If a police officer stops someone because they think they are a robbery suspect they usually have reasonable suspicion, Zimmerman didn't have RS he was just racist. I guess we are just going to have to agree to disagree. Unless there is some substantial claims or suspicion of screwed up things going on I don't see a reason to involve federal agencies in investigating every shooting incident across the country. I am confident in the ability of state law enforcement being able to handle most of that. Most people that I have seen in that situation don't react that way. Most people do exactly what they are told, for whatever reason this guy didn't. Maybe he was scared, maybe he just didn't realize what he was doing, who knows there are lots of possibilities. Tasing him was not an option, they were too far away plus the way his body was turned to the side it is unlikely they would have been able to get both prongs to hit the target. And tackle him? That is the worst thing to do if you are holding 3 robbery suspects at gun point. If one of them pulls a gun there you are now right next to that guy and creating a cross fire situation, so even if you have guys covering you they can't take a shot now because you are in the line of fire. I know it is the job of police officers to protect every citizen (including suspects) and they don't really want to use deadly force, but it seems like you are asking them to put themselves in unnecessary danger. So if a guy is shooting at me should I still try to use other means than deadly force? I'm not really protecting him if I shoot him right?
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    LSPDFR is fun, but it is still in the early stages of development. I have a few suggestions. Make NOOSE Swat backup dispatch in the Police Riot. I miss how they used to dispatch in NOOSE Stockades in GTAIV. If this isnt possible give FIB Granger 100% armor and bulletproof tires.Add more easter eggs. One idea I had was to add a Dukes of hazard easter egg. Get a pursuit in progress on the dirt roads and if possible make the car look like the general lee. Possibly make the car blow its horn occasionally.Make it possible to spawn a buzzard from the garage.Police partners. (There may already be a mod that does this.) Non Lethal Tazers.Make it possible to choose equipment loadouts after choosing model and before choosing car. Current equipment will be known as the Standard Kit. kits will be available such as maybe a heavy equipment kit with a Combat MG and a taser, or maybe a drive-by kit, that has a Micro SMG/AP Pistol and a stun gun.Add "FIB Task Force" in Backup section. Make FIB agents wearing bulletproof vests spawn in an FIB Buffalo and give them higher tier weapons. (such as Special Carbine and AP Pistol). FIB Buffalo will have performance upgrades. (Race brakes, Race Transmission, Race engine, Turbo.)I understand if none of these will be possible, but thank you for taking the time to read this.
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    87 Ford LTD


    © Rockstar Games

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    Did you also increase the emissive amount in the TBoGT folder? If not, that's your problem.