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    Person is complying with you

    That profile pic doe....
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    Slight problem..

    Removing LODs as a measure against GADs sounds like a bad idea if 99% of all modders can't do it properly either. L1s are NOT copies of L0s, that ruins the whole purpose of LODs. Read this thread, it explains why you need LODs: http://forum.zmodeler2.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=5577 Issues with bouncing models are often caused by incorrect wft or chassis dummies. It also happens if you export a model using a different name as your .wft dummy has, a very common mistake for beginners. Incorrect or missing LODs won't cause it. It's also possible that the unlocked model is buggy itself, fixing it would probably take more time then.
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    From the album: Final W.I.P's

    Cheeco is watching you all! These models will be RELEASED when pack is complete.
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    Person is complying with you

    What i have to do ??
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    Person is complying with you

    "RESIST ARREST = TRUE" Change it to false.. in the bravhearts .ini
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    What is your download speed?

    I get about 3 TB per second
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    What is your download speed?

    He has... Ludicrous Speed lol.
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    It's difficult. On the one hand, you have all your friends right there in your room, on the other hand no one is really there. To me, at least the instant-messaging parts are very useful, but - as you mentioned - it can be hard to catch emotions. I think it requires you to get to know your friend or whoever you're talking to in another way, so you are able to understand how and what she/he means in chat. At least that's the case for me, since after some time I can interpret their writing style pretty good. Then it can be close to a real talk, which in some cases could never happen otherwise due to distances for instance.
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    I've only just started reading books, I'm currently into the Game of Thrones books at the moment.
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