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    From the album: Chippy's WIPs

    Awaiting Approval.
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    From the album: RK - Featured Models

    Model made my ScrimpyData. Skin by Kode103
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    I feel for you man.
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    What can you say? The parents are hurt. They want some form of restitution for their loss. It's expected.
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    Be safe out there dude, seriously. I've got one more year until I'm headed off to Army basic training. Do they have MoS in the Marine Corps?
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    Depew based Texture

    From the album: possible new ideas

    Model is By Joker Mods
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    My motorhome

    Here is an update on my vehicle. Ironicrainbow gets to be in the credits for helping me with a problem that got fixed.
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    Here's the same skin for a DSF model http://public.justcl...xzwq1e.27127923
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    New LCPDFR Community Groups

    While I have nothing against having a gold star or something on someone's profile if they donate (it doesn't provide extra features, permissions, rights, etc.), I am completely against members being able to pay their way into "better" groups.  We pride ourselves on having the bare minimum for groups, and making sure people get treated the same.  Allowing members to have extra rights or abilities simply because they can afford to pay us to have those abilities is not something we want.   As it is, there are several aspects that we already aren't quite happy with.  There are some legacy features on the site that are still lingering that give some members the ability to upload profile backgrounds, and staff members have access to a music-adding script.  When it comes time for IPS 4.0 (the new version of our board software), those will more than likely go away.