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    I had a blast playing Just Cause 2, so yeah, this is just music to my ears!
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    1.0, IPS 4, GTA V and more

    So we've been quite noticeably silent over the past couple of months - there is reason behind the emptiness however, and much of it relates to how I and most others on the team have been increasingly busy with things in the real world and so on.  That doesn't mean that we're not still working away on LCPDFR, however, and it gets better than that as well because not only are we still pushing ahead with development on another update in the 1.0 series, but we've been focusing attention elsewhere as well - especially as it concerns both this community and the fast approaching GTA V which is seemingly just around the corner now.  Regardless, I thought that given the lack of news for a little while I'd take this opportunity to bring everyone back up to date with what we're doing and where we're going next.   IPS 4   On the immediate horizon for us is IPS 4, which is the major overhaul of our community software that powers LCPDFR.com.  IPS 4 has been in development for quite some time now and we've had a pre-release version of it hosted on a testing website for just over a month now, too.  For more information about IPS 4 and to take a look at it in action, I'd recommend you visit the pre-release demo set up by IPS at http://zend.ipsdevserver.com/ips4/  In short though, IPS 4 brings a much more modern and streamlined framework for building a community driven website.  Admittedly, LCPDFR has rocked the same design for just under 3 years now, and I do feel like it is again time for a change.  With IPS 4, we will be rolling out an entirely new theme, loosely based on this dark blue which we first introduced in late 2011. We are hoping that this is something that will be completed by the end of the year, although with this one. the ball isn't really in our court - we're just waiting for the software to be properly released.     LCPDFR 1.0   Back in the closing days of last year we released LCPDFR 1.0 - it was certainly a moment we'll never forget when our servers collapsed with all the downloads.  Throughout this year we've been updating LCPDFR 1.0 by bringing three patches, the last of which being 1.0c in summer of this year.  Work on the fourth patch, 1.0d, has, at a slow pace, been ongoing for a couple of months now and we'll be finishing it off by the end of this month if all goes to plan.  To give you an idea of some of the things that we've come up with for 1.0d, I've included an image I took a little while ago below:       GTA V   Of course, ever present in the minds of everyone now I would assume is the impending release of GTA V on PC.  Certainly we're all hotly anticipating it as well and are of course fantasizing over the possibilities that it could bring in terms of modding.  I'm cautious to raise high hopes considering the direction that GTA V has taken in terms of multiplayer integration and the tight restrictions that Rockstar and Sony/Microsoft have imposed on the current-gen release, although this hasn't deterred anyone from investigating what it might take to get the ball rolling with GTA V.  Our own LMS has been hard at work, with some others, studying Max Payne 3, the latest title which Rockstar released for PC, and has reported varying degrees of success in terms of modding.  It still seems to be a subject of ambiguity, but let there be no doubt about it, we'd absolutely love, more than anything, to be able to launch an 'LSPDFR' for GTA V.     Other notes   Despite GTA IV being nearly 6 years old, and LCPDFR being more than 5 years old, it is remarkable to see the level of interest that still surrounds us here on LCPDFR.com.  We recently just passed the 145,000 member mark and we're well on our way to reaching the big 150k.  I said last year (or at least I think I did) that it was an exciting time to be in the community with the release of LCPDFR 1.0 only weeks away.  Indeed, with just over two months until GTA V is released for PC, and a major website plus smaller LCPDFR update on the cards, I'd say that once again, it is definitely an exciting time to be here.   Sam. 
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    From the album: BlackJesus1's WIPs

    Added some running boards, thinking about ditching the canopy with the doors and just doing a bed cover
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    Fire Station Possible Release?

    @ medmark - Yeah, not mine. @ Him1250 - Yup, it's his. Custom. @ Officer Vic - Well..i may add something like that. @ bradyg - Lol, I know right. Hopefully when I add more to it, i'll release it.
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    Ringo4493 Videos!

    New episode, new idea!
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    Bike Vs 3 Polis

    From the album: Police Chases

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    I have one of Logitech's basic steering wheels from like 6 years ago. I forget the model, but I know it is red. lol. I thought about using a wheel for GTA IV, but I just never set it up. I have used it for ETS2 though, quite fun. I'd love to buy one of those G25/G27 wheels, but they are expensive and I haven't any money. :(
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    Yes. The joke being that barely anyone can play it because it's turned out almost as bad as IV's port for performance.
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    Never specified if it has to be real.