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    First in-game test.... Sucessful

    From the album: Chippy's WIPs

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    Fugitive Recovery Agent

    "Awesome assault"? Pa seems to not license bounty hunters at all; same with Hawaii, which is how a convicted murderer (Duane Chapman, aka Dog) is one. No firearms, no taser or other stun device, no armor except while working and with a written declaration from your employer that you need it for your job (shouldn't be hard to get). And you can't do it unless you get hired by someone (or if you become a bail bondsman yourself, but then your main job is paperwork), and you might have a hard time getting hired ( Chapman was hired by his wife, avoiding these issues) but there's no reason it's inherently impossible. Now, if your friend wants to do by his because he thinks it's like being a cop, that's a very bad idea -- there are massive differences between the jobs (e.g. Bounty hunters don't have nearly as much protection against a lawsuit as police officers), and if your friend acts as though he is a cop, he'll go to jail. Period.
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    Big Lake Police

    From the album: MrOxPlay Pics

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    GTAIV 2014 09 05 10 23 02 31

    From the album: chp style cars

    CHP Cruisers i use in game!!!
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    Microsoft Visual C+ inquiry

    It shouldn't matter if you have more than what it is needed. I have 24 C++ Redistributables installed from games installing different versions.
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    GTA IV LCPDFR Clean and crashing

    Well do me a favor, and uninstall WoutersCallouts. That also used to make my game crash. Just try completely vanilla for a while. If that works, I currently use Wasteland 0.7.0 and it works magically. Also since you've tried with and without ELS tells me you have some sort of modified vehicle...... I would suggest grabbing the 2010 NYPD CVPI from CJ24 as it has never caused a crash for me or his LCPD Pack. Some vehicles will crash your game. Stick to just 1 car model, and when you start getting crashes like that, it's most likely a bad model.
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