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    No im not dead, yet.

    From the album: Thehurk's WIPS

    My game looks like shit and I'm really upset about it.
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    LCPDFR 1.0c Hotfix

    We've released a hotfix which brings with it some small stability enhancements and fixes as well as some highly requested features.  The hotfix, LCPDFR 1.0c is now the third patch for LCPDFR 1.0.   Along with bringing to the table a more stable experience, LCPDFR 1.0c comes packing a punch as far as features are concerned too.  Since time immemorial, the ability to control traffic has been long sought after in LCPDFR.  LCPDFR 1.0c now introduces the ability to set up a checkpoint with a patrol car on any road which you can then use to control the flow of traffic passing through.   As well as this, we made a big mistake when we rewrote LCPDFR for 1.0c when we forgot to convert over the old feature of drinking coffee.  Again, this is something that has been widely requested and sure enough, you can now indulge in a caffeine hit while protecting the streets of Liberty City.  Not only that, however, but the whole process is more interactive in that you now hold a key to drink.  As an added bonus, there's even a nice drinking sound effect to go with it.   LCPDFR 1.0c is also good news for the people that like to develop with our API.  There's now a bunch of new features and classes available to you allowing you control over nifty things like arrow checkpoints and blips, as well as some access to LCPDFR's internal ped data.   As always, please report any problems to us in the LCPDFR support section.  Enjoy!
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    From the album: Bxbugs123's V Images

    © HighSpeed Designs, Luxart 2015

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    From the album: Random pics

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    Officer Down!

    From the album: GTA V

    © Copyright © 2016 Sniper296

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    From the album: Califrornian Law Enforcement pictures

    Again some updates on the Vic: - Added new doors and windows (Going to update to the FH3 Vic anyways) - Added new Corner Led's - Added flashing rear indicators - Added a new center console (pics gonna follow soon) - Added "Ballistic Panel" labels to the front doors - Added new Spotlights

    © Scuderio

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    The San Andreas Project

    Including: @t0y @OfficerWalters @DriX Designs @IndianaisMyState @TrentMU @Maurice97 @BradM and @acepilot2k7 more to be added. Welcome to the modification/showroom thread of the San Andreas Project. This is a huge project that the Attractive Studios team has come up with and we hope to execute as we are planning. This idea includes a complete overhaul of Liveries, Models, and Peds for the San Andreas emergency services. Basically it will include 5-6 emergency service departments (extra details about each one below) Peds to go along with them, and custom lore friendly liveries for all of them as well. The model number will most likely come out to 30 or above, so it is to be used along side RDE. Or with a mix and match. The Team: t0y - Modeler OfficerWalters - Modeler Drix - Modeler Indiana - Modeler Maurice - Modeler Trent - Livery Designer, Modeler Brad - Livery Designer Acepilot2k7 - Youtuber Slendis - Screenshoter, Livery Designer, Tester More to be announced soon. WE ARE RECRUITING! Attractive Studios is currently recruiting designers from all parts of LSPDFR to help us either with the San Andres Project or otherwise. You must have several released files, and be relatively active and you must have Discord. Age is not a factor in recruiting, but if ur really young and immature obviously you won't be accepted :) - We are in need of PED modelers/textur-ers and more modelers you can PM me if you are interested, or join our discord linked below. The plan: Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) Lightbar: (TBA) Peds: Yes Models: 8 Members: All Blaine County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) Lightbar: (TBA) Peds: Yes Models: 8 Members: ALL San Andreas State Police (SASP) Lightbar: (TBA) Peds: Yes Models: 6 Members: All San Andreas Parks Service (SAPS) Lightbar: (Liberty I, R/B) Peds: No Models: 2 Members: 2 San Andreas Corrections Departments (SACD) Lightbar: (TBA) Peds: No Models: 2 Members: 2 Los Santos Fire Department: (LSFD) Lightbar: (TBA) Peds: (TBA) Models: 2 Members: ALL How can you contribute? We would love to have help with this massive project. If you want to help but dont know anything about modeling or texture designing feel free to comment below and give us your opinions, and suggestions about what we should add or remove or edit! If you do have experience in modeling and livery designing you can PM us or come on our discord to talk about joining and helping out with this. Q&A Q: What makes this different from the tons of model packs and uniform packs out there already? What makes the SAP special? A: Well most packs and modelers have some small packs out there 5-6 vehicles maybe more, without uniforms, and with the same vehicles used in every other pack. We are planning on making almost 10 cars for each major department, and using some private or unreleased models meaning the model bases will be unique to us, and you will have enough LSPD, BCSO, and SASP cars to fill your slots with major variety. We also will (hopefully) having matching uniforms, which means you won't need to use the same uniforms as always. We also are, also hopefully good modelers and are planning on spending a large amount of time on this pack so it will be the highest quality possible with major effort. Q: When, and how are you planning on releasing the San Andreas Project? A: Currently we have no ETA on release, but that will of course be updated, and reupdated as time goes on and we run into issues, or find new things to add. Every week on Sunday we will update you on this thread, and in our Gallery with images of what we've done, giving you new information on the packs we are working on and once we get closer to release we will give you our planned release date. In terms of how, it will most likely be released in one of a few ways. We may release it by department, and by part. So "SAP Part 1: LSPD" released by the supervisor or a leader, or it will be released in "The San Andreas Project" with, upon hitting download will have several different files to choose from each one being a specific department. Because of the huge amount of cars this file will probably be a massive size so it may need to be uploaded to mediafire, and we will just link it in a download. If you have any questions feel free to respond below! Contact Us: Our Discord: https://discord.gg/7QAkjMc Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/AttractiveGTAV Or you can PM any of our leaders for more information! @t0y @OfficerWalters Follow this thread and our gallery for updates!
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    From the album: Thehurk's WIPS

    Spent a good 8 hours yesterday converting and poly filling then another 4 hours today on the grille, honestly i can say, this thing looks sexy as fuck . There are still a few bugs that need to be fixed but its almost ready for outfitting!
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