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    Some YouTube banners I made

    I made some YouTube banners for people on a YouTube forum yesterday, and I got some really good feedback on them. As I would like some more feedback on my work, I decided to show them right here. So feel free to post your opinion about them :) (and here's an old banner I made, just to show off the progress I made)
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    Tragedy at the bus stop

    From the album: Strike's

    This morning, a driver lost the control of his car, presumably due to the wet road, running over a group of people who were waiting for the bus and, right after, crashing against a fence. While two of them suffered of minor injuries (one of them has already been discharged) a third one got trapped between the car and the fence. She had to be rescued by the NYPD ESU and at the moment is fighting for her life in the intensive care unit of the hospital. --- "Territorial Dispute" After a day working, the young ambulances meet in a lot to fight for the alpha position of the flock of ambulances and the control of the territory...
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    CG Blaze

    Custom Car Making|FREE SERVICE|

    Free of charge you say? God, think of all the money I've been wasting on these free downloads on here... If you're any good, I've got some parts that need making if you're up for it.
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    J T

    disturbance call

    From the album: lcpdfr

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    How to defend yourself

    I wonder if his parents gave him enough love as a child..
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    Some YouTube banners I made

    These are excellent, keep up the good work!
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    Some YouTube banners I made

    Oh I didn't notice that haha. Well good job anyways. They look like a professional did them!
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    arachnid cicurina?

    Fixed it. But now spotify changes volume to very low, and it's really annoying. It does it by itself. And i don't have a slider on the cord, i have a wheel on my left headphone.
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    arachnid cicurina?

    Well, i got the Arachnid Cicurina headset for Christmas, but when i listen to music it ain't so good. The left side have more power then the Right side, and it's really weird. I have not touched any settings at all, and i have all the drivers installed. Help?
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    Well, what about making Lberty CIty in minecraft? I know it sounds crazy, but why not? I got this idea when chatting with ineseri, and can someone setup a Minecraft creative server (I can, but the IP would change everyday) and we build Liberty? Are anyone with me?