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  2. I sure will just recently returned into doing liverys after being gone for awhile. I reside about 40 minutes away from Vandergrift so I will forsure be creating one. Be on the look out also thanks for the feedback
  3. I'm wandering if anyone knows why Everytime I go to Sandy shores station , the Michael ped is standing in the middle of the road blocking traffic I've used stop the ped to move him out of the way, but sometimes he goes right back lol
  4. For future reference just before I I lost the will to live I thought i’d remove scripthook even though everything worked fine turns out it must be an issue with trainerv
  5. Hey everyone I need your help I accidentally deleted my sheriffs vehicle Slot in my game for example even if I put a new sheriff car in my game it would not show up to be selected unless I press the consul Key and type it in so I cannot go into the garage and select it As I normally would
  6. This should be pinned somewhere, how many times I lost my dlclist and had to do it all again. Nice job
  7. Hi, I've fixed the problem. Apparently when I had installed the mod I was missing one of the files. Advancedhookv.dll I believe. Its working now.
  8. Anything from your computer, mods, visual mods, etc. Pack is detailed and has a lot of polygons, need a high end computer to run it. But other than that the pack is working fine, except for tiny bugs here.
  9. Actually no sirens are working for this? ANyone know why?
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  11. Are you associated with Cheez its?
    Love this pack. The best part are the lights. Keep up the good work Ripple!
  12. sorry if this is on the wrong topic page but my rage hook plugin keeps crashing and saying Could not hook game process. Insufficient permissions or bad anti-virus. Please try again. If the problem persists, please restart your computer. ive tried restarting my pc that didn't work i tried adding it to exceptions and that still didn't work any ideas
  13. I have plans on adding unmarked/slicktop versiond as well as a dlc addon option so all can be used at one
  14. I have a texture loss, what can cause it? This happend after installing the pack.
    Nice Work!! AAA+++ Thanks For Sharing!!!
  15. Anyone know how I spawn vehicles that use ELS, I have the pursuit viper that uses ELS, but i Can't figure out how to spawn it. Any tips?
  16. DeputyNifty

    Georgia Bois

    New to Zmodeler. This is the album i'll be posting stuff I work on in. Tips and tricks welcome.
    Great skins - Sorry I scratched it
  17. Losing FPS when going on duty is normal for everyone. There's only a small, select group of people who can run modded GTA and still maintain decent fps. What you can do is try and remove some of your LSPDFR plugins and callouts, but then you run into the issue of having less callouts. Personally, I just suffer through the FPS loss - I'd rather have a variety of callouts as opposed to just four or five that get old quickly.
  18. thanks so much ! looking forward to using other packs .. If anyone wants a little preview of the vehicle check out my vid ... thanks again Dewey
    thanks so much for this pack they look awesome ! I left your link in my video . Keep up the great work
  19. Version 1.0.0


    This is Work In Progress I wanted to add more of a sense of a UK feel for LSPDFR. It will get updated, so do not worry.
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