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    Been using this since you released it. Makes my life just a bit easier by saving me a few minutes of editing the vehicles meta!
  2. Would like to see more of these including realistic models like a regera or gallardo maybe a carerra gt ELS an officer can dream lol
  3. @GhostPenguinHD Nice looking truck! It looks quite similar to a QPS PSRT truck also especially with the cargo rack and lights. Its not the exact same landcruiser model but thats okay. For your future release would you consider making a QPS PSRT specific model as well perhaps? have the matt grey kind of colour scheme, add the side protection rails attached to the bullbar, and update the LED lighting on top to make it more authentic. Such as add the white LED driving light bar on top, 2 LED's to each side of the cargo rack on the left and right side of the vehicle (one side all blue, the other all red) and the 2 red and blue LEDs on the back of the cargo rack. They also don't have the lights in the rear window. They do have a marked and unmarked version with the same lighting setup so that could be 2 options to do maybe? I found a link to a Youbtube video below which shows the lighting setup from all angles if you want to have a look. Cheers
  4. Why is Traffic Policer a requirement to have? I am going through Albo's mods and comparing them to Ultimate Backup and Stop the Ped to try to use as little mods as possible. Just wondering why TP is needed. Cool! Glad I found this comment. I like Computer+ but it seems to crash a lot and flickers like you said. It was somewhat stable with 3.0 but worse with 4.0 so I was looking for something else. I haven't installed your Interaction+ yet but does your computer+ have everything the original Computer+ has? Also does it have the ped pics and vehicle pics when you look it up?
  5. Congratulations on the trending #1... for now at least.
  6. So still trying to figure how in the world we do this? Any tutorials out there for this? Thanks!
  7. Ive had Traffic Policer cause a crash recently as well. Went to perform a clean PIT on a car, the instant my cruiser touched his, crash. hmmm
  8. Today
    Been using it for a couple months now. Best pack I've ever used. Definitely recommend this to someone who is planning to make a video on it.
  9. Hi bro a question, is this done?
  10. Hello, Glad I was able to help you! Always happy to help the LSPDFR community! Have fun patrolling the mean streets of Los Santos and Blaine County!
  11. Glad you solved your issue! And it was my pleasure to assist you in any way I can. Have fun patrolling the mean streets of Los Santos and Blaine County!
  12. So i have a problem related to going on duty, the problem started occurring all of a sudden after the game had been working just fine. The problem that occurred was that when i do "ForceDuty" in console it gets and unhandled exception with a command in lspdfr and when i go on duty at any station it crashes LSPDFR entirely. I have tried to reinstall all lspdfr and rph files. RagePluginHook.log
  13. Hi! So when I load RPH all goes well until you get to the screen that says "Loading LSPDFR". Then after a bit, it says LSPDFR First Response has Crashed! I have some plugins installed, here is my log and list of plugins! Plugins - ELS Computer + Interaction + PeterUCallouts PoliceSmartRadio Search Warrant Ultimate Backup Traffic Policer Common Callouts I also uploaded a picture of my plugins! My threshold is set to 30000 so I know its not that. Please help! Thanks! EDIT 1: I also run sometimes with admin permissions but it gets stuck on "Waiting for Game Window". RagePluginHook.log
  14. In that case I'd go with this one, lot more common than a rotor lightbar.
  15. Well I got y’all then. Let me put one together. I’ll make it like a basic one so anyone can skin it for any fleet/department
  16. kilroy95

    Kilroy95's Models

    So, Im moving from textures to models now. Lets see how things go
  17. Yeah i gotta side with this, the only CHP chargers I've seen with lightbars are the ones I've put skins on myself. Having a CHP 2010 charger with ANY lightbar would be a real treat.
  18. So, for the past couple of days, I've been trying to play LSPDFR. Everytime I load LSPDFR 0.4.1 Up, it freezes my game and loads of pop ups from RPH fill my screen. My game never actually crashes so I'm not sure if it creates a crash log. I had no problems with 0.4.0 so I already have a character created
    Amazing pack, could use a SUV skin
  19. @Synysterfence7xToo easy, i'll look in to it and make the lightbar
  20. NSW, but if you want to do Queensland or wherever I would just make my own skin
  21. Hello all, With GTA 5, I would like to modify the sirens. But I would like to modify them with out the use of an external modification such as ELS. Has anyone had any success with this? I have attempted OIV installations, OIV/package installations, OIV with encryption program to make the file compatible for gta5, and either it does not work, or GTA5 crashed apon start, or the game downloads a file 100MB, and deletes the modded siren. I believe there's a mod I attempted, that is called "siren mastery" - but perhaps I installed this modification incorrectly? Id like to use the default siren light bar, just different sounds. as well as the default key/controller bind for the siren, as i current have the key set as "Alternate" so I can adjust if the lights are activated with, or with out siren. Kind regards, -13
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