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    hi , i made some skin for this beautyful and original car i hope you like , sorry if is not perfect its my first content : nyc cab , lasd , sfpd , yellow cab co and unmarked ( ny and ca plate ) texture for crown vic nyc taxi coming soon..
  3. The credits listed are just a link to that tahoe. Idk what that means. Maybe he only did the texture? Not sure.
  4. Would it be possible to make all blues for Slendis' Warwick based LSPD pack?
  5. I'll ask a buddy I know who knows how to do that.
  6. This guy thought he could get away!!
  7. Today
  8. Krass, vielen dank es funktioniert!
    AMAZINGGG, PG COUNTYYY!!! Are you gonna make a pack??
    Love this and the idea! I see your using Baltimore County Textures.. YUMMY! You thinking of releasing those or no?
  9. can you make it an add-on on gta offline?
  10. Hallo zusammen, ich habe mehrere Polizei Stationen erstellt. Z.B. Vespucci beach department (ausenposten am Strand) funktionert soweit alles. dazu wollte ich peds und cars als Ambient spawn hinzufügen. habe das auch so gemacht mit Position heading etc.. Doch leider funktioniert es nicht. wie gesagt habe das ambient spawn in der Stations file hinzugefügt. nichts geht. kann mit da jemand helfen ? Würde gerne um meine Polizeistationen etwas leben haben. gruss malarkey
  11. i really love the skins, will you also be making skins for the new FPIU and 2014 charger Elmo added to the pack?
    This pack is seriously under rated. No idea why it doesn't have more downloads. Congrats t0y.
  12. Thank you. I'll have a play around and see what works
    Been waiting to review the pack for since it's release, and showcase on @Jeff Favignano's channel. I think the fact that you've created these vehicles, and many other of my favourites is something I don't think I could ever do so hats off for that. The lighting is great. The textures are great. The models are great. Just everything about the pack is great (especially the ALPRs.. Jesus Christ why does no one else put those on cars..) Well done man, I recommend everyone download this pack as it shows what sole creators, such as your self, are capable of making. Look forward to seeing what you do in the future.
    I've been searching for some new siren sounds for a while and decided to give these a try. I wasn't disappointed. They aren't harsh to have on for prolonged periods of time and loop really well. Even my fiancee agrees that these are "easier on the ears" when I play with her in the room. My only complaint is the horn - personal preference, I don't like it. Not a reason to avoid however. Perfect sirens, imperfect horn. Great work. Thanks for making
  13. So everytime i load my LSPDFR Plugin but while loading it chrashes. Log says : [4/23/2019 8:18:26 PM.786] LSPD First Response: [FATAL] Forced termination
  14. Hi people, im trying to modify a weapon to shoot water, similar to the firetruck for maybe do a fire hose that could use the firefighters instead of extinguisher but im having a problem: I have the propper effect (water_cannon_jet) but when i replace in the weapons.meta the <FlashFx>weap_extinguisher</FlashFx> (wich is the normal shot) to <FlashFx>water_cannon_jet</FlashFx> It shoots perfectly water but in the wrong direction, it shoot to the right instead to the front. I request help to fix that or to send me an idea for a working fire hose beacause for now we havent a propper equipment for our firefighters
  15. Hey man, love the call outs so far, but every time I get a call for domestic, assault, and person with a weapon, I instantly get the “situation is code 4” message. Everything else works fine, the burglaries are great, but those three just end immediately every time. Have you heard of this problem before? Have an idea how to get it back going? Edit: just saw the recent comments above^^, and that’s exactly what’s happening with me, forgot about the ambients.
  16. All the textures I have made that I could get screenshots for. If you like it then please like it!
  17. could you add 16'fpis 13' caprice 18' charger to this pack?
  18. not every single one but most of them are, it seems like the ones that would take more to spawn force end like active shooter and such
  19. That was quick work getting that started, new modifications are coming along pretty nicely! Will be great to see how it turns out, thanks for your efforts so far!
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