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  2. Version Stalin


    A Code 3 Javelin setup to FHP Standards. Fits directly on my CVPI since I made this for a FHP CVPI I was working on. Have fun.
  3. Today
    the explorer is absolute FIRE. Only issue is from a far the model disappears and just the lights r visible. Love it so much tho its a 5 star
  4. Is it possible to maybe have that ELS model made, If you want Im fine with paying for it through PayPal.
  5. I swear man, nobody makes anything ELS anymore
  6. Smellybrick


  7. i installed everything i need for EUP and when I'm about to load into the game it crashes LSPDFR
  8. I installed everything that i needed for EUP but just before i load in LSPDFR crashes can some help me please
  9. As the title states, im crashing within 2 minutes of starting the game. I know the problem lies within my mods folder, I am just trying to narrow it down. RagePluginHook.log Crash1.txt
  10. Will There Ever Be A Possibility That This Will Be ELS, Soon???
  11. did you got a fix? or any of the developers that can help me and my brother?
  12. I will give it a shot. I hadn't even noticed he updated it, lol. I'll get on that now and will hopefully have it updated tonight.
  13. What patchday did you into the vehicle to?
  14. I will hopefully get that done sometime soon
  15. Pretty good pack! Is it possible that you are going to be adding the templates for the vehicles?
  16. I personally don't download police cars without pushbars 99% of the time but this is a nice one. Very very accurate model with lights
  17. Ocean County NJ has some nice liveries with explorers and a Taurus. its a NJ Sheriffs office
  18. SuperMD2018

    K9 Partner

    Where's the link for this mod?
  19. That is an outside issue. I believe that is fixed by downloading Alex_Ashfold's EUP Configs for LSPDFR. This mod fixes the mesh, not the spawning.
  20. Version 1.0

    1 download

    If you want any skins done by me from any police department or fire department leave the name of the vehicle in the comments and I will try my best to get it done!
  21. Version 1.0.0


    hi i share you my skin fdny for the chevy express 2010 enjoy!
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