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wip dodge charger lapd 2015 valor.


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@Virzza@Lundy No. They didn't. The photo Virzza posted is from 2013 at the police show, same with the ones I'm going to post. ..... A few of their cars have Valors but they still use the Arjent. They keep salvaging and using the Arjents til they absolutely can't use them anymore. A few cars may have them but it didn't mean that they switched to them. Although, maybe in the future, they will look as using the Valors in a mass setting; Until then, they won't. Only cars you see with them are test cars, brand new 2016 cars, or concept. Only cars I've fully seen with the Valor is the 2016 Explorers but they will try to put the Arjent on as many as they can, as said before. 




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It would seem that LAX is using the Valor, and really only on their new Caprices. Ports is using the RX2100, but LAFD is still using Code 3 and LAPD is still using the Arjent. They always use that Valor for show cars, even the Tesla show car has a valor. However, LAPD is staying with the Arjent for the foreseeable future.


LAPD show car with valor (above). LAXPD with Valor (below).


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1 hour ago, F5544 said:

Should i put the valor on top of this car then?

If you're trying to stay realistic, I would say no.

The Arjent is the best lightbar at the moment to keep a realistic feel.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to release a Valor on one, and then an offical LAPD one with the arjent, if you want to give players here the best of both worlds.  Personally, I'm not very picky on realism, and I'm a fan of the Valor.

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