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2014 Pierce Velocity [W.I.P]

2014 Pierce Velocity [W.I.P]
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Alright I haven't been able to model as much as I'd like to anymore, due to a lot of crazy things going on in my life such as my car's engine seizing up etc. I also would like to say I haven't forgotten about the Ford F-350 / 450 Ambulance. With that being said I'd like to give you guys an early sneak peak of this 2014 Pierce Velocity that has been in development since July 4 of 2016. It was nearly close to completion until I had school start up again, and over break I didn't have time to do any modeling. So please be aware this is not the complete model, it still needs the pumping panel and some hose models put in the back hose bed. Other then that she's pretty much ready for release and will be released hopefully this coming weekend as a functioning ELS model but if I decide I can't make a locked version for you to play with, I will release it as a [DEV] model and allow you, the community, to take it and add anything you like, add or remove stuff with the exception you provide proper credits. The model does include a somewhat decent interior but its not an accurate Pierce interior, rather I decided to use the stock GTA V firetruck interior and still need to work on that.

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