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Robert Sea

What kind of GTA IV Capture software do you use?

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Hello everyone,

I've been asking myself, what does everyone use to capture their GTA IV Video(s) and what are the good things and bad things about your Capture Software?

Currently I use Bandicam, only software I can use because everything else is blacked out when I review it.. And I compress it with Handbrake.

+ Things about it.

1. It works for me.

2. HD Video's.

3. Simple recoding.

4. Simple handy settings.

- Things about it.

1. It has no compressor build in.

For games like GTA:SA I use BB FlashBack Pro 3 Recorder. But that broke after some time, black screen etc. That has a build in Advanced Editor with upload to youtube function, and compresses the video after the capture.

I will be more then happy to hear what you use!

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I use Fraps and Dub to compress.

[b]Always try...![/b]

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Recently switched to Bandicam. Beats the utter crap out of FRAPS

I tried Bandicam, it just freezes when I try to load it up. Ending up killing it with the Task manager. So yet again, I have to put up with the lag Fraps gives me.

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You can crack it, I think.

You could but 1/5 people that crack that get caught and end up paying 8x the price of it.

On another note I use bandicam 10x better than FRAPS....

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