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LSPDFR 0.4 - Activity Feed & Companion App


Please do not post support requests in this topic.

If you are having a problem or need help, go here: https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/forum/920-lspdfr-04-support

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7 hours ago, Ben Burnett said:

tells me i anint in the game right now when i am please tell me how to fix this


Please make sure your character is synced to your profile.

Please do not PM me unless really necessary (knowing you helps). If you think you need my attention in a topic, tag me.

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16 minutes ago, Aesth said:

You should make the Companion app an Android/iOS app, but then again, i think you gotta pay a fee to have it on the Google Play Store/Apple App Store

We would, but it works perfectly fine in the browser on both of those platforms. We'll focus on making it even better for mobile platforms, but we most likely won't be making a native app.

There's nothing really we could do with a native app for the companion that we can't in the browser.

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6 hours ago, Tim249 said:

Imagine if computer plus could open on your tablet or phone via the app instead of your screen so you could still keep an eye on the situation!


Or at least on a second monitor! For now I'll just keep with the un-paused background and moving the window over as much as possible. Adds a little realism if anything.

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